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Джи-хэй Хва (Jihae and Pavel)

This page contains sensitive content. Please check the content warning at the top of the article and proceed with caution.

Джи-хэй Хва
Type Ghost
Developer(s) DragonPanther888, SmokyCinnamonroll1)
Origin Original character
Sakura Джихэй
Kero Павел
Language(s) Pусский
Release date May 12th, 2022

Content warning: ghost contains unsettling imagery and body horror.

Джи-хэй Хва (Jihae and Pavel) are a ghost by DragonPanther888 and SmokyCinnamonroll, for Ghost Jam 2022. They are entirely in Russian.

They come with two shells, both traditionally drawn.

Table of Contents


  • Павел2) has a few questions he can answer in his menu
  • The two are connected to Pasha & Misha, and one of the responses in Павел's3) question menu will change if they are installed
  • Two bundled shells
  • After running them for 475 days, Pasha will disappear on the next boot and be inaccessible from then on4)
  • Rare chance to boot into creepymode


There is a 6% chance each time they boot that they will open in creepymode. This changes their dialogues and appearance to be unsettling. The appearance of creepymode is drastically different between shells, with the two appearing to be skeletons while using the default shell.

Click to reveal unsettling images/body horror.


Name Description
Default The default shell. Drawn by DragonPanther888.
Авторский An alternative shell. There are additional poses in this shell, but they don't appear to be used in the ghost. Drawn by SmokyCinnamonroll.
Craftman listed as Смоукы
Due to a bug, he will still appear, but will not respond to any actions