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221B Baker Street

221B Baker Street
Type Ghost
Developer(s) KFC, Tega, Verse
Origin Ace Attorney
Sakura Herlock Sholmes
Language(s) English
Release date May 12th, 2022

221b Baker Street is a ghost by KFC, Tega, and Verse, for Ghost Jam 2022. It features the character Herlock Sholmes, specifically from the Ace Attorney series.

He is a very expressive character, with varied poses and eccentric dialogues.


  • Large and expressive shell
  • Sometimes will call the user by the wrong name, or say the wrong month
  • Sometimes will ask the user questions in idle dialogue
  • Customizable user pronouns


Herlock comes bundled with a balloon called The Great Dialogue Box. It is themed after the dialogue boxes in The Great Ace Attorney, and comes with the font Igiari.

Click to reveal balloon images.