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A.R.I Pets

A.R.I Pets
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Zdzisiu
Origin Original Character
Language(s) English
Sakura one-seven-z
Release Date April 24th, 2021

A.R.I Pets is a ghost made by Zdzisiu, for Ghost Jam 2021. It is a virtual pet ghost, with one “shadow” pet that the user can name and take care of.

The pet may move around the screen on its own, and will sometimes move to its water bowl, and its food bowl which can be filled with various things.


  • Renameable pet.
  • Refillable bowls that will empty as the pet uses them.
    • The food bowls can be filled with various “foods”, while the water bowl always has water.
    • The pet will die if it does not have food/water.1)
  • Pet will roam around the screen at random.
  • Toggle between standard and military time, as well as date formats.
  • Customizable accent color for the menu text.


A.R.I Pets comes with the Simple Pets balloon, a plain black balloon with paw prints for choice markers.

Due to a bug, the pet will sometimes not eat or drink, and die regardless of the level of the bowls