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This page contains sensitive content. Please check the content warning at the top of the article and proceed with caution.

Type Ghost
Developer(s) Bitzen
Origin Original character
Sakura Aaron
Language(s) English
Release date May 12th, 2022

Content warning: Swearing, sexual jokes, possible innapropriate/indecent remarks, sudden noises.

Aaron is a ghost made by Bitzen for Ghost Jam 2022. He's an upbeat and energetic character that loves to talk and interact with the user. He is a “protogen”, which is an open species.

He comes with two shells, some minigames, jokes, recommendations, riddles, and more.


  • Multiple minigames
  • Facts, riddles, and jokes
  • Song recommendations
  • Pettable hair and tail
  • A toggle for “ungentlemanly” content, including swearing and sexual content
  • Two bundled shells


  • Rock; Paper; Scissors
    • The number of matches won/lost/tied will be tracked as the user continues playing more rounds, until they leave the game.
  • Higher or Lower
    • Aaron draws a card from the deck, and the user must guess whether the card drawn will have a higher value or a lower value.
  • Scramble
    • Aaron will pick a word, and scramble the order of the letters. The user is tasked with correctly guessing the scrambled word.


Name Description
Normal Palette The default shell. Aaron in his normal red color palette.
Recoloured Palette A recolor of the original shell, in a blue palette.


Aaron comes bundled with a balloon called Red_Balloon. The sakura balloon is red, and the kero balloon is purple, and each has 2 sizes. It also comes with a font file included that the user must install.

Click to reveal balloon images.