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Bowie Wilson

Bowie Wilson
Type Ghost
Developer(s) StrangelyKai1)
Origin Original Character
Sakura Bowie
Language(s) English
Release date January 18th, 2023

Bowie Wilson is a ghost by StrangelyKai, of a teenage boy. He talks frequently about his friends, as well as LGBT+ topics.

Table of Contents


  • The ability to set a custom talk rate
  • A journal, where the user can see various things they've unlocked
  • An extensive ask menu, with a section dedicated to asking about 'favorites'
  • Menu interactions, including giving him water
  • Fun facts
  • Dressups with different pins, including a skull and several LGBT+ pride pins, as well as earrings


The user can open their Inventory from the main menu. From there, they may open the journal. The journal will gain more functionality as the user asks Bowie more questions, and unlocks more things.

Options in the journal include…

  • Stats - A listing of the user's stats, including things like how many times they have pet Bowie
  • Songs - A listing of songs that Bowie has sung in random dialogue, including the titles and names of the artists


Bowie comes bundled with a balloon called Bowie Wilson Balloon. It is a simple balloon with rough edges, sharing some of the colors of Bowie's design.

Click to reveal balloon images.

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