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Camp Camp

Camp Camp
Type Ghost
Developer(s) CaptainKiwi, KFC
Origin Camp Camp
Sakura David
Kero Max
Language(s) English
Release date May 18th, 2023

Camp Camp is a ghost by CaptainKiwi and KFC, for Ghost Jam 2023. It features the characters David and Max from Camp Camp.

The ghost features a simple relationship system, where the user can give the characters items to earn their trust, and eventually unlock some additional content.


  • The user can gift them items from their menus.
  • A simple relationship system, where they will trust the user more as the user gives them more items.
  • A menu to check the user's friendship level with the duo.
  • A toggleable swearing censor in Max's menu.
  • An option to text other campers, if Max manages to steal David's phone.
  • If the characters overlap, David will hug Max and hold him in the hair.

Relationsip and items

The user's relationship with the duo is almost exclusively raised through giving them items. Each character has their own set of items they can be given, which increase their friendship with the user by different amounts.

The most effective item to give David is bandages, while the most effective item for Max is candy.

David will never accept candy. This does not impact the user's relationship with him.

Click to reveal spoilers for unlockable content.

Phone events

Max can steal David's phone if the user has David empty their recycling bin. Provided there are items to be discarded, Max will take David's phone, and the user will have the option to phone one of three other campers.

Even after David comes back, Max will keep the phone on him, and the user can prompt him to use the phone from the “Give something” menu. This will make Max send David off elsewhere for a little while, and the user will have the option to text one of the campers again.

Max will keep the phone unless the user asks David to empty the recycle bin while the recycle bin is already empty. This will cause David to notice that Max has his phone, and take it back.

This can be repeated as many times as the user likes.


Camp Camp uses the balloon Camp Campbelloon, a balloon with a nature theme for David, and a hoodie theme for Max.