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CT Epoch Jam

CT Epoch Jam
Developer(s) KFC, Zarla, Zichqec
Origin Chrono Trigger
Language(s) English
Sakura Chrono
Kero Marle
Extra Character Lucca
Release date April 24th, 2021

CT Epoch Jam is a ghost made by KFC, Zarla, and Zichqec, for Ghost Jam 2021. It consists of three characters; Crono, Marle, and Lucca; from the game Chrono Trigger.

The ghost is set up such that the user can arrange the characters in any configuration, and they should always face each other appropriately when talking.


  • Renaming system, where each character can be renamed to any string of 5 characters
  • Each character tracks where it is in relation to the other characters, and will turn to face left/right as needed when talking to them
  • A button in Marle's right click menu to open a random Chrono Trigger related song or remix in YouTube

Facing Each Other

Their shell is very detailed, including versions of each pose facing forwards, left, or right. Each character tracks its position on screen and compares it to the other characters, so that they can face towards each other when they talk, no matter what configuration the user has them in. They will update their positions automatically any time that the user drags them around the screen.


CT Epoch Jam comes bundled with the Chrono Trigger balloon. This balloon is based on the text boxes from Crono Trigger for the SNES.