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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Ixy, Mitchy, Lawdee, Eshap
Origin Team Fortress 2
Sakura Demoman
Language(s) English
Release date September 7th, 2020

Demoman is a ghost by Ixy, Mitchy, Lawdee, and Eshap, for Team Fortress 2's 72h TF2 Jam. It features the RED team demolitions expert, who comes with a couple of hat options, and a drunkenness mechanic.

Table of Contents


  • The user can give him scrumpy, and he will get more drunk the more he is given.
  • Two dressup items.
  • Many different special boot dialogues for holidays throughout the year.


The user can choose to give Demoman scrumpy. Each scrumpy will raise his drunkenness, which changes dialogues all throughout the ghost.

Eventually, he will be too drunk, and will pass out. The user can choose to give him something to instantly sober him up if they attempt to access his menu, or they can simply wait 5 minutes and he'll come to on his own.


Demoman uses the Demobubble balloon, a balloon themed after Team Fortress 2, which uses the TF2 Secondary font. It has two sizes, and each balloon can face left/right. The kero balloons are the same as the kero balloons from Z - Simple.

Click to reveal balloon images.