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Earthquake Duo!

Earthquake Duo!
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Aegisghosts, Okuajub
Origin Original Characters
Sakura MAN-713
Kero Ridge
Language(s) English
Release date May 12th, 2022

Earthquake Duo! is a ghost made by Aegisghosts and Okuajub, for Ghost Jam 2022. It features two characters: the large robot MAN-713, also known as Mantle, and his human companion Ridge. The two are a team that respond to earthquakes, rescuing victims and cleaning up debris.

Mantle speaks primarily via emoticons and kaomoji, which appear on his screen when using their unique balloon.


  • Earthquake events
  • FAQ for the characters

Earthquake Events

Earthquakes will sometimes occur, shown by the two characters moving back and forth across the screen. When this happens, the two characters will disappear from the user's desktop for a time, as they go to rescue people and clear rubble.

The user can adjust the time between earthquake events and how long the characters will remain on a job for. They can also turn the events off altogether.


Earthquake Duo! comes with a balloon called Earthquake Rescue Balloon. It is uniquely suited to this ghost, as the sakura's normal size balloon is almost completely transparent, to allow text to display on Mantle's screen.

The large balloon for the sakura and kero are the same, and the kero also has a smaller version with the same design.

Click to reveal balloon images.