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Faeia & Tahir

Faeia & Tahir
Type Ghost
Developer(s) WhatAPhantasia
Origin Original Characters
Sakura Faeia
Kero Tahir
Language(s) English
Release date May 18th, 2023

Faeia & Tahir are a ghost of two original characters by WhatAPhantasia created for Ghost Jam 2023. They are friends from two nations at conflict and are friendly towards the user.

The ghost takes the user into the fantasy world of the Bramblebrush, and much of the ghost's dialogue explores the world's lore.


  • First boot sequence where user can establish their origins and info
  • Assignable nicknames for the user that differ between Faeia and Tahir
  • Large question menu that has different responses between the two
    • Choice markers can be clicked for out-of-character explanations
  • Stat menus for Faeia, Tahir, and the user
    • Has randomized flavor text
    • The stat menu for the user can be cosmetically customized
  • Special boot and idle dialogue for Faeia, Tahir, and the user's birthday

User Customization

The user can change information about themself in their stat menu at any time. Faeia and Tahir have many comments while setting user info, and the menu's flavor text changes dynamically.

Despite text saying otherwise, this functionality currently has minimal effect on the contents of the ghost outside of the menu.

Certain combinations of user info will prompt special flavor text, like when matching Faeia or Tahir's stats.


Up to two can be selected out of the four Caretakers. Selecting none is also an option.


One of nine colors can be chosen, each with its own elemental affinities. The strength of the Resonance color is chosen after.


The user can either choose one of the three lagomorph options or input their own species.

The custom input allows hybrid species, denoted by a hyphen. The two have special comments for certain species, like humans and slimes.


One of four RPG classes can be chosen: Wanderer, fighter, mage, and rogue.

Mouse Interactions

The ghost has many different points for mouse interaction. Clicking on certain hotspots is treated as inspecting or asking about them (excluding their noses, which boops them,) while stroking or scrolling is treated as physical interaction.

This section contains spoilers for unlockable content.


Faeia & Tahir use the balloon Stitched Together.