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Fairune Duo

Fairune Duo
Type Ghost
Developer(s) KFC
Origin Fairune
Language(s) English
Sakura Fairune Duo
Release date April 25th, 2020

Fairuno Duo is a ghost by KFC, made for Ghost Jam 2020.

They are based on the game Fairune, and has 2 characters; Hope Girl/Hinome, and the Ancient Codex. Despite being two characters, both of them are internally set up as the Sakura character, and as such will move around together when dragged.

Hope Girl does not speak, instead showing a variety of expressions while the Ancient Codex handles the dialogue.


  • The Ancient Codex and Hope Girl will move together when dragged
  • Information about the Ancient Codex and Hope Girl, and some Fairune lore
  • Enemy recommendations
  • 3 bundled shells
  • Unique dialogue for switching to/from many other ghosts

Enemy Recommendations

The user may choose to be recommended an enemy to fight from Fairune 1, Fairune 2, or a boss.

Depending on their selection, the Ancient Codex will pick a random enemy from the appropriate category. It will then list the name of the enemy, and a brief description.


Name Description
Codex and Hope Girl The default shell. Hope girl in her regular outfit.
Dragon Style Hope girl with dragon wings and a tail.
Dress style Hope girl in a pink dress and flower headband.


Fairune Duo comes bundled with the Fairune Style balloon, styled after the text boxes in the game Fairune. The sakura balloon is a rectangle with a blue background, while the kero balloon is a round white bubble with a tail that changes based on which direction it is facing. Each balloon has two sizes.

Click to reveal balloon images.