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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Venelona, Zichqec
Origin Original Character
Sakura @funkylittlemothman
Kero Screenshare
Language(s) English
Release date June 25th, 2023

@funkylittlemothman is a ghost made by Venelona and Zichqec, for Idea Adoption Jam. The ghost is centered around the idea that @funkylittlemothman (or Moth) is a fellow ghost developer, and the user is chatting to him through an online chatting program. Moth will work on various projects, with his dialogue and idle surfaces changing depending on what project and what type of work he is doing.

The kero character is a monitor, which shows a “screenshare” of what Moth is working on. Sometimes this will show different ghosts, programs that he's working in, or even a chatting application.


  • A system where he picks between several different projects to work on, different types of work to do on them, and also moods that affect how long he works on a project for.
    • The user may encourage him to switch between idling and working, though his response will vary based on his mood.
  • Dialogue is displayed in a manner similar to a chatting program, with a “typing indicator” appearing for a while while Moth appears to type, and then a whole “message” appearing at once.
    • When using the Moth Chat balloon that comes bundled with the ghost, the dialogue will appear at the bottom of the balloon, and scroll upwards as more text is added.
    • Instead of being able to ask him to repeat dialogues, there is a “Chat Log” option, where his last 25 dialogues will be displayed instantly.
    • Narration will appear in the form of “@funkylittlemothman (described action)”, centered in the balloon, akin to the output of the /me command from programs like Skype.
  • A generator for ghost ideas, many of them silly.
  • The screenshare can be scaled up and down independently of Moth, allowing the user to make it bigger or smaller depending on what they want to focus on.
    • The screenshare can also be toggled off entirely.
  • The user will have a “username” determined based on their name setting in the SSP preferences. They can also add a “nickname” in addition to this if the username is not preferable.
    • The username will be determined by taking the user's name, making it lowercase, changing spaces to underscores, and adding an @ symbol at the start. So “Ukagaka Dream Team Wiki” would become “@ukagaka_dream_team_wiki”.
  • Customizable font, font size, and two text color options (if using the bundled balloon), within the settings menu.

Project system and moods

There are 3 different types of “modes” that Moth will shift between, which will affect what idle dialogues are available, what he will appear to be doing on his desk, and what will show on the screenshare.

The user can also ask about what his current project is in his menu, and he will describe what he is currently working on. This will reveal what project and work type he is currently on, though it will not reveal his current mood.


Moth has 7 different ghosts that he will work on, 3 of which are “released” and have unique graphics, and 4 of which are “works in progress” and have a similar appearance to the Simplicity Template. Every ghost has a different pool of dialogue related to it, and each ghost can be asked about in his menu for more details.

In addition to these, there is a 40% chance that when switching modes, he will change to be “idle” instead. In this mode, he may appear to be chatting in an instant messenger, or otherwise pondering what to do without working. His dialogue will also change accordingly, to reflect that he is not currently working.

Work types

There are 3 different kinds of work that Moth can do, independent of which project he is working on (unless he is idling, in which case the work type is always “idle”). He may draw, write, or program.

While drawing, he may appear to draw various things in an art program. While writing or coding, he may appear to be adding/moving text in Notepad++. His dialogue will change accordingly based on what kind of work he is doing.

Regardless of what type of work he is doing, he always has a chance to appear to be thinking, slumped, or to be interacting with his ghosts on the screen.


Behind the above two systems is a more subtle system of “moods”. There are 3 moods, “long”, “short”, and “random”. These affect how long Moth will work on a project, and how long he will do the same kind of work on that project for.

  • In the “long” mood, he will spend 45 minutes to 1 hour on a project, and 30 minutes to 1 hour per task (with an additional chance to simply spend the rest of the remaining project time on the same task).
  • In the “short” mood, he will spent 5-20 minutes on a project, and 2-10 minutes per task.
  • In the “random” mood, he will spent 5 minutes to 1 hour on a project, and 3 minutes to 1 hour per task.

In this way, he will sometimes appear to be focused and getting a lot done, while at other times he will switch tasks quickly as though he is having difficulty focusing. Each mood will last between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

Different moods cannot be directly asked about, but do have different dialogues associated with them, which can serve as an indicator.

Encouraging him to work or take a break

Also in the menu is an option to encourage him to work, or encourage him to take a break. This gives the user an opportunity to make him change modes, though he will not always listen to the user.

  • While in the “long” mood, encouraging him to work will always make him work, and encouraging him to take a break will always be ignored.
  • While in the “short” mood, encouraging him to work will always be ignored, and encouraging him to take a break will always make him switch to idling.
  • While in the “random” mood, encouraging him to work or take a break will have a 50% chance of success, and a 50% chance to be ignored.

Regardless of mode, telling him to work while he is already working will have him complain, and nothing will happen. Telling him to take a break while he is already idling will also have no effect.

These mode switches affect his project type, and therefore, also set his work type randomly. His mood will be unaffected by these options.


@funkylittlemothman comes with the balloon Moth Chat, which is styled to resemble a chatting program and writes text starting from the bottom.