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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Heartstitched, Smoochbro
Origin Pokemon
Language(s) English
Sakura Hop
Release date April 25th, 2020

Hop is a ghost by Heartstitched and Smoochbro (collectively HeartSmooch), for Ghost Jam 2020. Hop hails from Pokemon Sword & Shield, and will talk to the user about the Galar region, and the pokemon and characters found there.

Hop has menus for asking questions and giving him items. These menus have several possible options to pick from, and which options are available will change each time the user accesses these menus.


  • Comes bundled with two shells
  • The user can ask about various topics
  • The user can gift him various items
  • Song recommendations


Hop comes with the balloon HopSpeak, a simple pokemon-themed white balloon. The sakura's small balloon has the label “Hop” on it, while the kero's balloon is smaller and has no label.

Click to reveal balloon images.


Name Description
Hop Master Shell The default shell. Very large, and comes with several dressups.
Hop Chibi Shell A chibi version of Hop. Much smaller than the master shell.