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If I Cant Have Shrimp No One Can

If I Cant Have Shrimp No One Can
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Galehaut, Galla, Zichqec
Origin Original Character
Language(s) English
Release date June 19th, 2023

If I Can't Have Shrimp No One Can is a ghost by Galehaut, Galla, and Zichqec, made for Idea Adoption Jam. It was created based on the ghost idea “A very mean flamingo”, and the original release was made in just 24 hours.

The ghost features a mean flamingo that wants to be pet by the user, and will berate them until they do so. The flamingo will talk more and more frequently over time, and the only way for the user to quiet it for a while is to pet it repeatedly.


  • Increasing talk rate over time, which can be decreased by petting repeatedly.
  • 3 different dialogue modes based on how short the talk rate currently is.
  • Multiple bundled shells, several of which include dressups for different colors of flamingo.
  • All functions in the menu are fakeout functions which only lead to silly dialogue.
  • A slightly hidden balloon customization menu, from which the user can change which color is being used when on the Tropical Plastic balloon.
    • The user can also change the balloon color randomly, alongside randomizing the dressups on the current shell, by double clicking the flamingo's head.
  • A special comment on boot if it's currently Pink Flamingo Day (June 23rd).

Talk rate

The flamingo's talk rate starts at a default of 3 minutes when it is first booted. Every 30 seconds, the talk rate will get shorter by 30 seconds. The lowest it can ever be is 30 seconds between dialogues.

The user can raise the talk rate again by petting the flamingo repeatedly. Every three pets in a row will cause the talk rate to lengthen by 30 seconds. The flamingo must be pet multiple times in succession without the cursor leaving the hitbox of its head.

If the user pets the flamingo fewer than 3 times in a row, the flamingo will complain about it when the mouse leaves the ghost, indicating that the user did not pet for long enough to change the talk rate.


The flamingo has 3 distinct modes that it will use, depending on the current talk rate.

  • When the talk rate is at the minimum of 30 seconds, the flamingo will be maximally angry, and will frequently press its face up against the user's monitor so as to make itself appear larger/in the way.
  • When the talk rate is between 30 seconds and 10 minutes, the flamingo will still be mean, but less belligerent.
    • This has two different stages, one at the 30 seconds to 5 minutes mark, and the other at the 5 minutes to 10 minutes mark. These two stages share the same dialogue pool but have different sized eyebrows when entering an idle pose.
  • When the talk rate is above 10 minutes, the flamingo will be appeased. In this final mode, it will appear calm and collected, and will sometimes recite flamingo-themed poetry.

All of these modes, save for the exception noted above, have their own pools of dialogue.

These modes are not outright stated in the ghost, but may be determined by opening the flamingo's menu. If the flamingo appears to press its face against the screen, it is maximally angry. If it looks angry but stands in a normal pose, it is in one of the middle stages, and which stage can be determined by eyebrow size (bigger eyebrows indicate the shorter talk rate). When appeased, it will appear content, the same as it does when being pet.

Balloon configuration

The user may access the balloon configuration by opening the flamingo's menu, and clicking the flamingo-themed “emoji” that appears in the top right corner. This takes them to a menu where they can pick 1 of 5 colors; pink, white, black, blue, and purple.

Note that this option is only available for the Tropical Plastic balloon that comes bundled with the ghost, and as such, will be hidden when using other balloons with the ghost.

The user may also randomize the balloon color by double clicking on the flamingo's petting hotspot, though doing so will also randomize the dressups of the current shell as well. Note that poking the flamingo with Needle will have the same effect.


If I Can't Have Shrimp No One Can uses the Tropical Plastic balloon, a balloon with colors to match the Normal Flamingo shell, and the silhouette of a flamingo in the corner.


Name Description
Normal Flamingo The default shell. A real animal themed flamingo, with dressups to change its color. Available colors are pink, white, black, blue, and purple.
Baby Flamingo A baby flamingo. Comes with dressups to add a bonnet, binky, and rattle.
Cooked Flamingo A cooked flamingo, on a plate with leafy vegetables and tomatoes.
Halloween Flamingo A halloween decoration themed flamingo, with dressups to change its color and bone pattern. Available colors are green, blue, and pink.
Pool Flamingo A pool toy flamingo, with dressups to change its color. Available colors are pink, blue, green, and purple. The shell is semi-transparent.
External shells
Correctly Drawn Flamingo A flamingo drawn comedically in a scribbly style. Each pose has two similar drawings, which it alternates between in a loop.