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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Abowo
Origin Undertale (AU)
Language(s) English
Sakura Jazz
Release date September 19th, 2020

Jazz is an AU version of Papyrus from Undertale. He is a generally positive presence cheering the user on, while also being curious about many things and observing strange facts about humans.

Jazz has many interactions with the user, both through clicking and stroking with the mouse, and talking with him through his menu. For all of these options, his comments will change based on his feelings towards the user. The user may be kind to him and build a relationship with him, or be cruel to him and make him nervous around them.


  • A detailed relationship system, with different comments for most interactions based on Jazz's feelings towards the user
  • Unlockable backstory if he trusts the user enough
  • Several kinds of interactions in his menu
  • Toggleable Papyrus font for any dialogue spoken by Jazz


Mouse Interactions


Jazz may be stroked on his head, face, or his chest. He appreciates stroking on his head, but not on his chest. Stroking his face has mixed results depending on his relationship with the user.


The user may hit Jazz's face, or hit his chest. If the user has never punched him before, it will display a warning message, and ask if they would like to open his menu instead. It is recommended to double click on his legs if the user would like to open his menu without hitting him.

If the user chooses to hit him, they may then hit him freely from that point on without the prompt.

I want to CHECK

The user may check Jazz to see how he feels about them; Jazz's inventory to see certain items they've given him; and themselves, to see what kind of information has been recorded about them through their interactions with Jazz.

If the user checks Jazz's inventory, they can click on any of the items there in order to see more information about them.

I want to talk

The user has the following options:

  • I need advice
  • Cheer me up
  • Tell a joke
  • Thank you
  • I want to know more about you
  • Good boy!
  • Bad boy!
  • You are great!
  • U StiNk…
  • Something else

The Something else option opens an input box, where the user may type any word or phrase. Jazz will have unique dialogues for some of them, such as “Hello”, and “You are great”.

I need advice

This option will open another submenu, where the user may choose from different kinds of advice for different situations.

  • Making friends
  • Keeping friends
  • Confessing
  • Breaking up
  • I did something bad
  • Bad people
  • Self-doubt
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Something more?..
  • Helpful links

The Something more?.. option will prompt Jazz to tell the user to seek advice with friends, family, or professionals. The Helpful links option will give the user a list of links to resources that may help them feel better.

I want to give you something

The user has some options for items to give Jazz that may be viewed later, and some options for things to “give” Jazz, that are actually interactions.

  • A book
  • A toy
  • A snack
  • A hug!!!

There are four additional things the user may give, depending on their relationship with Jazz.

If they are Jazz's friend:

  • A highfive!

If they have told Jazz they love him:

  • A smooch…
  • A wink


Jazz has many different reactions to different interactions in his menu, depending on his relationship with the user.

Positive Route

The user may pet Jazz and choose kind options in the menu to increase their relationship with him. They may also give him gifts.

After the user has earned Jazz's trust, they will gain a new option in the menu: Let's talk about us. Clicking this option will prompt Jazz to ask the user why they have been so kind to him, and the user may respond by telling Jazz they want to be friends, they are in love with him, or that it's just how they are. No matter which option is chosen, Jazz will be generally positive about this. Afterwards, the user may adjust their relationship type at any time through his menu.

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Negative Route

The user may choose negative interactions in the menu, such as telling Jazz he is a bad boy, to damage their relationship with him. They may also punch his face, or hit his chest.

It is possible to betray Jazz by being mean to him after you have earned his trust. He will have some unique comments for this situation.

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