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Type Ghost
Developer(s) tetchytick
Origin Wings of Fire
Sakura Legacy
Language(s) English
Release date May 7th, 2022

Legacy is a ghost made by tetchytick. She is a brusque dragon that does not much appreciate being kept away from her home by the user.

The user can ask her many questions about herself and her home, and she will have a lot to tell them about.

Table of Contents


  • Several topics to ask Legacy about
  • Multiple actions the user can take through the menu, including a vent option
  • Multiple idle animations, including tail twitching and swatting above her head when you pet her


Legacy comes with a balloon called Z - WoodBorder, a wood themed balloon with decorative leaves. It comes with 3 sizes; small, large, and wide. The sakura's wide balloon has a slightly different text position than the kero's wide balloon.

Click to reveal balloon images.