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Maximus The Cat

Maximus The Cat
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Bitzen
Origin Original Character
Sakura Aaron
Language(s) English
Release date May 18th, 2023

Maximus The Cat is a ghost by Bitzen, created for Ghost Jam 2023. The ghost features a cat with a very animated shell, and silly, lighthearted dialogues.

His dialogues are often a bit disjointed, commonly claiming at random times to agree or disagree with the user, or talk as though they have an ongoing conversation. Other times, his conversation topics are oddly specific. He also often has emoticons in his text.

Table of Contents


  • Recommendations.
  • A stats menu to view how many times the user has pet Maximus.
  • Pettable head, nose and feet.
    • Of these, the only one he likes being pet is his head.
  • Several animations, including one for touching his paws, one for closing him, and an idle tail sway.
  • A special pose/set of animations for picking him up and dragging him.


Maximus comes with a balloon called Maximus' Balloon, a purple balloon with a yellow border, roughly resembling a thought bubble.

Click to reveal balloon images.