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Minimum YAYA Template

Minimum YAYA Template
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Zichqec
Origin N/A
Sakura N/A
Kero N/A
Language(s) English1)
Release date April 18th, 2022

Minimum YAYA Template is a template for a ghost with the bare essentials and little else. It has YAYA and the YAYA as SHIORI library, the basic setup files and structure for a ghost (descript.txt, install.txt, etc.), and a blank shell.

The ghost on its own has no reactions to anything, nor any dialogue, aside from defaults implemented by SSP or the YAYA as SHIORI library. The stated intention is both to show how little is needed for a technically functional ghost, and to make it convenient to write ghosts from scratch by having the initial setup ready to go.


  • Completely blank.
  • English translations in the config.dic file of the YAYA as SHIORI library.
  • Self alpha in the shell turned on by default.
  • The shell is free-moving instead of bound, by default.


The setup of the template is very small, to give the user as much freedom as possible.

On the ghost side, yaya.txt only points to the file main.dic. This is a blank dic file, giving the user complete freedom to structure their ghost how they like.

On the shell side there is also a blank surfaces.txt file, where the user has complete freedom to structure the surfaces in any way they like. The included surface0.png and surface10.png are blank gray rectangles, with the Sakura being a darker gray than the kero.

Each side has a minimal descript.txt file, with only the most essential settings.

Note that the template itself has no content. However, the readme file is in English and YAYA's config file has also been translated to English.