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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Shuichi Ono
Translator Nekori
Origin Original character
Sakura Neko
Language(s) English
Release date July 22nd, 2020

Neko. is a ghost by Shuichi Ono, of a simple cat character that you can pet. It has no other functions.

All of its dialogues are onomotopoeia for cat sounds. It has been translated into English by Nekori.


  • Idle dialogue occurs frequently
  • Some idle animations, including tail flicking
  • Can be pet by stroking the mouse over any part of it, and has special reactions for petting its belly


The cat may be pet by stroking the mouse over any part of its body. If it happens to show it's belly, the user may stroke the mouse over it's belly, and it may relax even further onto its back.

When the user pets its belly, especially when it is all the way on its back, it will have special dialogues.