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Type Ghost
Developer(s) KK̈ITAȺNIK
Origin Original character
Language(s) English
Sakura P.A.I.G.E.
Release date April 10th, 2020

P.A.I.G.E.1) is a ghost by KK̈ITAȺNIK. She is an character themed to be an AI, meant to assist the user on their computer.

If the user treats her well, she will grow to appreciate them over time, and may share some more personal thoughts and musings.


  • A relationship system; treating her well will unlock additional dialogues and options, while treating her poorly will cause her to refuse to talk until the user apologizes
  • She may ask the user if she can share her thoughts, and if encouraged, will share something with them
  • The user may ask her to tell a story, and she will share with them a snippet from random literature
Personable Artificial Intelligence Given Emotion