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Pasha & Misha

This page contains sensitive content. Please check the content warning at the top of the article and proceed with caution.

Pasha & Misha
Type Ghost
Developer(s) SmokyCinnamonroll
Origin Original characters
Language(s) English (Some Russian dialogue)
Sakura Pasha
Kero Misha
Release date September 2nd, 2020

Content warning: ghost contains horror/gore, references to sexual assault, and references to self harm/suicide. These topics can be filtered in the ghost's config menu.

Pasha & Misha are a ghost by SmokyCinnamonroll, of two original characters. The two are best friends, and will comment about their other friends and various other goings-on in their lives.

They have several features, including an alternate mode and multiple events.


  • The user can interact with them in various ways in the menu, including…
    • Asking questions
    • Giving gifts
    • Entering text in an input box (though no specific responses are available)
  • Multiple hotspots, which can be interacted with by stroking, double clicking, or the scroll wheel
  • Two bundled shells
  • Different modes and events
  • Pools of dialogue for certain months, times of day, and days of the week
  • Some comments about other ghosts when they are open, including Azura, CheeryBot, S the Skeleton, SPAMTON G. SPAMTON!!, and Ghost Jam Temmie
  • Downloading shabbat times


The user can play Spaceman1) with Pasha. This minigame is available exclusively in Russian, as the answer words are in Russian.

Pasha will present the user with a word, which they must guess one letter at a time. They can only make 6 mistakes before the game ends in a loss.

The user may also take a chance and guess the whole word at once, but if they get it wrong, they will instantly lose.

Mouse Interaction

The two have several mouse interactions, though none of them are treated as a positive thing. Petting Misha's head is a neutral action, while all others are negative.

By stroking the mouse over the characters, the user may pet their heads, touch their faces, pat their shoulders, or touch their stomachs.

By double clicking the mouse, the user can punch them on their heads2) or stomachs.

When in the psh_msh shell, the user can stroke or double click the bandage on Pasha's wrist.

Click to reveal sensitive content. (References to sexual assault)


If the user has allowed horror/blood in the content filters, Pasha & Misha will have a small chance to change to “creepymode” when the hour rolls over. This will give them a much different pool of dialogue, based on the filters the user has set, as well as an unsettling appearance.

If using the intended P/M 98 balloon, the two will use the alternate color modes of the balloon while in creepymode.

Click to reveal sensitive content. (Horror/gore)


Pasha & Misha come with the P/M 98 balloon, a small balloon styled to look like the old design of Windows Explorer.


Name Description
Nkov n Yezhov Default Shell The default shell. Pasha is on the right, and Misha on the left. Comes with a glasses dressup for Pasha.
psh_msh A shell with a pixel art style. Pasha is on the left, and Misha on the right. Comes with a glasses dressup for Pasha.
the head and face hotspots are treated the same for this action