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Presentable Can

Presentable Can
Type Ghost
Developer(s) KFC
Origin Presentable Liberty / Exoptable Money
Sakura Can
Language(s) English
Release date May 12th, 2023

Presentable Can is a ghost created by KFC for Ghost Jam 2023. The ghost is of a tin can, based on Presentable Liberty / Exoptable Money, which the user can tap.

Tapping the can is futile, aside from the count of taps being tracked. The ghost's dialogue is generally themed around this futility, and some of it will change as the number of taps grows.

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  • The can can be double clicked on a certain hotspot to tap it. The number of taps is tracked.
  • Other areas of the can can be double clicked to show the current number of taps.
  • High numbers of taps change some of the dialogues, including petting and random dialogues.


Presentable Can comes with the balloon Presentable Balloon, a can themed balloon.


Name Description
Presentable Default The default shell. A plain can with no label.
External Shells
Gourmet Ravioli A can of ravioli in a pixel art style. Comes with dressups for different ravioli colors.
Old Beans A can of baked beans.