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Radio Nowhere

Radio Nowhere
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Wormspawn
Origin Original characters
Sakura Radio Sakura
Kero Radio Kero
Language(s) English
Release date November 19th, 2021

Radio Nowhere is an ukagaka by Wormspawn that “broadcasts from another dimension a collection of heresies, earworms, and memetic hazards, liberated from containment by subversives and loosed to the world on pirate radio.”

Its dialogues consist of song lyrics, public domain fiction, riddles, and other random thoughts. Some dialogues are custom to the sakura, some are custom to the kero, and some can be said by either.


  • Multiple dress-up options for the grille on the Sakura's speaker
    • These can be accessed by stroking the mouse over the grille for a short while
  • Highly customizable talk rate
  • Singing animations
  • An option to check the user's local weather on the hour
    • Includes an option for the radio to include eldritch weather in this forecast
  • Alternative calendars (Jacobin and Hebrew) that calculate the current date as well as convert past dates
  • Unit conversion calculations
  • A unit circle marked in degrees and radians
  • Supplying certain keywords will induce the radio to elaborate on earlier dialogue
  • Customizable to-do list
  • Balloon tester for ukagaka developers
  • Kero character may be summoned or dismissed at will

Balloon Test

Radio Nowhere comes with a balloon test option, to aid developers in the creation of balloons. This option allows the user quickly test fonts, including with custom colors and sizes, in both the kero and sakura balloons.

The user's installed fonts are automatically detected, and are displayed in a list for the user to pick just the ones they want to test. These “favorited” fonts are then displayed on the balloon test's main menu. They can be removed from the list through the font selection menu.

The user may also input custom characters to be included in the test script that is displayed in the balloon.


The Radio comes with the custom balloon broadcast, a radio-themed balloon with different colors for sakura and kero.


Name Description
Radio The default shell. Two radios; a large wooden one and a smaller red one. Comes with dressups for the main radio's grille.
Ship Two boats, constantly moving as though rolling over waves. Stroking the sakura's sail will cause it to billow in the wind.