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Type Ghost
Developer(s) BittyBatty1)
Origin Original character
Language(s) English
Sakura Riccardo
Release date February 23rd, 2019

Riccardo is a ghost by BittyBatty of an original vampire character.

Riccardo is evidently disabled as can be observed initially by the user, and further investigation finds that he is homeless and very jumpy as well. His premise revolves around these traits as the user discovers ways to gain his trust slowly over time. As the user gains his trust, they are rewarded with bits and pieces of more backstory, more dialogue, and other unlockables.

Riccardo has received several updates since his release in 2019.


  • Riccardo will talk and move while he sits on the user's desktop. The rate at which he does this can be configured by the user, but he will still be fidgety even if the user asks him to be quiet
  • The user can give him lots of items. He's homeless and so he appreciates the many different things the user can give him
    • The user will see him using some of these items while he idles on their computer screen. They can ask him about some of them after they've given them as well
  • He is pettable. In his lower levels of his relationship with the user, he won't accept being pet. When he's comfortable with the user, they are able to pet his head and he greatly enjoys it
  • He acknowledges some of the other ghosts made by the Ukagaka Dream Team


Riccardo has a mostly positive friendship path that the user can take with him. To increase his friendship, the user can…

  • Give him books
  • Give him bedding, which includes pillows and blankets
  • Give him scented candles of various kinds
  • Give him blood
  • Give him a stuffed cat
  • Soothe him when he seems anxious
  • Compliment him

By increasing his relationship, the user can get a lot of unlockables including…

  • New surfaces, like reading a book after the user's given him so many
  • The ability to pet him when he trusts the user
  • New dialogue options in his menu
  • A minigame
  • Dressup items

He does not make his relationship easy on the user. It takes time in order to build trust with him and he's often unsure about the user's intentions. In time, however, he will consider the user a friend, and share more and more of himself with them.

Thirst Need

Riccardo has a decaying thirst need. When his need for blood is high, the user can spot him complaining about his throat or needing blood or questioning when he might be able to drink again. Giving him blood from the menu not only increases the user's relationship with him, but also helps him with his need for blood.


Riccardo has an unlockable mini game that is a point and click sort of adventure in nature. The mini game is unlocked through increasing his relationship.

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Inter-Ghost Communication

Riccardo has the ability to recognize a few other ghosts made by the Ukagaka Dream Team.

  • Random Talk - Riccardo will sometimes randomly acknowledge other ghosts that are currently open. A complete list of ghosts he will randomly acknowledge includes…
  • Comments - Riccardo will comment on some of the user's interactions with some other ghosts. These ghosts include…
  • Conversation - Riccardo has the ability to have conversations with Dusty and Obsidian when they are both present on screen and the user uses his menu option to 'talk to others'
  • Other Interactions - If Dusty and Obsidian are out, he can hold and pet Obsidian if the user drags either Obsidian or Riccardo to overlap with each other

Dressup Items

Riccardo has two dress-up items that can be unlocked as his relationship grows.

  • The Blue Blanket
  • The Green Scarf

Neither of his dress up items are able to be removed from him once he has them on, and are non-traditional in this way.


Riccardo comes with Ricc's balloon, a balloon styled to look like a red book with a gold bookmark inside.

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