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Sans and Paps

Sans and Paps
Type Ghost
Developer(s) KFC1)
Origin Undertale
Language(s) English
Sakura Sans
Kero Papyrus
Release date October 5th, 2017

This article is about the mashup of the sans (hatterheather) ghost and the Papyrus ghost by CuddlyHawk. For the balloon made for Sans and Papyrus ghosts, see Undertale - Sans & Papyrus. For other uses of Sans, see sans (Disambiguation). For other uses of Papyrus, see Papyrus (Disambiguation).

Sans and Paps is a ghost by KFC, which is a combination of the modified sans ghost by hatterheather, and the Papyrus ghost by CuddlyHawk. The two brothers are integrated as a single ghost, and will talk and interact with each other. Some of the features of the original ghosts are retained, albeit modified, and some new features are present.


  • Multiple interactions in each brother's menu
  • Papyrus can give pasta facts, and tips for the puzzles in Undertale
  • Each of the brothers can be booped by double clicking on their faces
    • Sometimes, this will bring up CHECK dialogue instead


Sans and Paps make use of the Z - Undertale balloon, by Zarla.


Craftman erroneously listed as green