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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Nera789
Origin Original character
Sakura Sebastian
Language(s) English
Release date December 5th, 2021

Sebastian is a ghost by Nera789, of an original character. He is a demon with a cowboy aesthetic, and is friendly towards the user.

If the user asks him, he will tell them a lot about his past life, and his current life as a demon.


  • Very large shell
  • Several questions to ask in his menu, which give a lot of information about him and his past
  • Other menu interactions, such is giving him gifts, hugging him, and asking for jokes
    • Many jokes to tell, mostly themed around cowboys, demons, hell, and angels
  • Several special boot dialogues for specific days of the year
  • His reaction to being punched will change if the user does it several times


Sebastian comes bundled with the Seb Balloon, a brown balloon with lighter brown stitching around the border.