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Snoopy + Woodstock

Snoopy + Woodstock
Type Ghost
Developer(s) FrankT
Origin Peanuts
Sakura Snoopy
Kero Woodstock
Language(s) English
Release date May 12th, 2022

Snoopy + Woodstock is a ghost by FrankT. for Ghost Jam 2022. It features two characters from the comic Peanuts. The two share quotes from the comic with each other as part of their random dialogues. An update released on Christmas 2022 fixes several errors with the original version and restores the balloon that was meant to accompany the ghost.


  • Special boot dialogues for certain holidays, and important days related to the characters
  • Woodstock's dialogues are nearly all comprised of strings like “i i i i i”, and Snoopy will translate for the user


Snoopy + Woodstock come bundled with a balloon titled Peanuts, which is designed to look similar to the balloons used in the comics. It also comes with its own font.