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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Quonit, Zarla
Origin Deltarune
Sakura SPAMTON!!
Language(s) English
Release date October 31st, 2021

Content warning: ghost has glitchy effects, and some small bits of changing colors.

Spamton G. Spamton is a Deltarune ghost made by Quonit and Zarla. He focuses a lot around a shopping system, where the user can earn “kromer” and use it to buy items or various bits of junk. He also has a lot of very strange dialogue, and the user can ask him different questions in his menus.

Table of Contents


  • An hourly raffle where the user can spin the wheel to try and win free kromer
  • A shop where the user can buy his services (such as checking email) and actual items you can equip or use (such as a pillow for him to sit on)
  • A lottery the user can buy tickets to to try and earn kromer
  • Unique frames for picking him up, with and without the pillow
  • An alternate mode and shell when booted on April Fools
  • Changing dialogue depending on things you've done or given him
  • A changelog that pops up after he updates that the user can check for information.


To get to the real/full store, the user should ask him to do each of the tasks he has in his initial store (see calendar, open email, check your computer). Once they've all been done, a fourth option should appear to check the recycle bin. Once he checks the recycle bin, his full store should open up.

If Spamton starts getting static-y, the user can pet or hit him to knock him out of that state.


Spamton is bundled with the Deltarune balloon made by Cherry. His menus are made with this balloon (and the font Determination Mono) specifically in mind, and will look strange with other balloons.


Name Description
SPAMTON default shell The default shell. Spamton in his default outfit. Shell by Zarla.
qAddispam /​/pronounced cattispam Spamton in his original white Addison form, seen on April Fools. Shell by Quonit.