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SSP Angel

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SSP Angel
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Ayakamtka, GallaTheGalla, Yuyudev, Zichqec
Origin Original Characters
Sakura Angel
Kero Pilot
Language(s) English
Release date March 23rd, 2023

SSP Angel is a ghost made by the Angel Team, a group of multiple developers. It serves as a guide to SSP and ghosts in general, teaching the user about various aspects of the baseware, and about the medium as a whole.

Though primarily focused on guiding new users, the ghost has content for experienced users as well. Dialogues that give usage tips may be toggled off, leaving only normal dialogues so that they may be enjoyed the same as any other ghost.


  • Tips in random dialogue, set up to be mixed in at a ratio of 1 tip per every 4 dialogues
    • Tips may be toggled off in the settings menu, or the ghost may be set to give tips only
    • Additional tips for ghost developers may be turned on separately
  • Menus for asking questions about ghosts and SSP
  • A listing of SSP's key combinations
  • A glossary of ukagaka-related terms
  • Multiple balloons, including a customization option that allows the user to pick different color options for each character
  • A ghost calling menu, where ghosts may be sorted by name or by folder
  • Both characters are able to be poked by Needle

Informational menus

The ghost has several menus that give the user various information.

In Angel's menu, the questions menu answers some basic ghost-related questons for first time users, while the “How do I…” menu explains how to accomplish various things.

In Pilot's menu, there is a glossary of ukagaka-related terms, troubleshooting tips, and a list of key combinations.

Both characters have links to useful ghost-related websites in their right click menus, and will talk about the website in question when the option is clicked. Angel's menu has links to the developers and general ghost links, while Pilot's has links to useful ghost development resources.

Mouse interactions

The characters have the standard petting interaction, though only Angel will respond positively. The ghost has no relationship system, so even though Pilot expresses discomfort, it will not change his opinion towards the user.

The user may also pet the characters' wings or tail, which will prompt different repsonses.

Each character's halo may be double clicked for a unique dialogue.

Finally, the user may gesture with the mouse to activate a 'waving' interaction, by right clicking on the ghost and then dragging the mouse left and right. The mouse must move left and right at least once in the gesture for it to register as a wave. Moving the mouse 10 or more times in the same gesture will be treated as waving repeatedly, and the reactions of the characters will change accordingly.


The duo come with 3 balloons, one of which is bundled with the ghost, and the other two which may be downloaded separately, or installed through their balloon settings menu.

The balloon Angelbox comes bundled with them, and is a simple angel-themed balloon with slightly different colors for each character.

The balloon Angelbox (Biblically Accurate) is an expanded version of the Angelbox balloon, and features 43 different color options.

The balloon Cotton Candy is an alternate balloon with a cotton candy theming, and has 15 color options.


Name Description
Default Shell The default shell.
External Shells
PH Gijinka A shell by WhatAPhantasia, featuring a gijinka design of Pilot. Also includes an additional hat dressup.


  • Clicking the “Goodbye!” option in the main menu will close the ghost, with dialogues that are different from closing any other way
  • The ghost has 3 thumbnails that are slightly different from each other, and one will be picked at random when the thumbnail is displayed