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starfish + jerry

The content on this page is no longer available to download. It is preserved here for posterity, new downloads should not be created without the permission of the original developer.

Starfish Jerry
Type Ghost
Developer(s) weebdestroyer666
Origin Original characters
Sakura starfish
Kero jerry
Language(s) English
Release date March 14th, 20211)
No download available2)

starfish + jerry are a ghost by weebdestroyer666. They are a pair of original characters, with a very soft aesthetic to their shell.

The two will often link to various things on the web in their dialogues, and sometimes starfish will play music on a saxophone.


  • Recognize a variety of holidays, mostly strange ones
  • Sometimes play saxophone music or show the user images in their idle dialogues
  • Dressup items, including sunglasses for starfish and cat ears for jerry


starfish + jerry make use of the balloon Sunao, a simple white balloon.

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