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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Era the Outworlder
Origin Original character
Sakura statusBOT
Language(s) English
Release date May 2nd, 2022

statusBOT is a ghost by Era the Outworlder, which makes use of the Discord Rich Presence plugin to display custom status messages in Discord. The user may choose different mood icons to display, and type any custom message to be displayed on their Discord profile.

The ghost is primarily a utility, having very few random dialogues.


  • Display a custom message in your Discord profile
  • Multiple different mood icons to display next to the status message
  • Optional DevStatus that may be set
    • Choose between 3 smaller icons to display; programming, writing, and drawing
    • Custom text may be entered that will be displayed when the DevStatus icon is hovered over in Discord
  • Plays sound effects when talking, which can be toggled off in the config menu
  • Customizable talk rate, any number of minutes from 0 to 60
  • Customizable rate for how often statusBOT's dialogues should be communication dialogues with other ghosts
  • Double clicking on statusBOT's monitor will take the user directly to the menu for customizing their status messages
  • Special dialogues acknowledging certain other ghosts if they are also open


statusBOT comes bundled with a custom balloon called CRT Heart, which is styled to look like a CRT monitor. The balloon has only 1 size, and the sakura and kero are the same except for the label on the monitor. It comes with the font Fixedsys Excelsior, which must be installed manually from the balloon's folder.

Click to reveal balloon images.