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Sweedeesh Feesh

Sweedeesh Feesh
Type Ghost
Developer(s) unrestedjade
Origin Original character
Sakura Feesh
Language(s) English
Release date May 12th, 2022

Sweedeesh Feesh is a ghost by unrestedjade, for Ghost Jam 2022. It is a simple ghost focused primarily on idle dialogue, though it does also have a higher or lower minigame, and some mouse interactions.

Feesh is very animated, rocking back and forth frequently while idle.


  • Two bundled shells
  • Higher or Lower minigame, where Feesh will draw cards from a deck and the user must guess if the next card will be of higher or lower value
  • Additional mouse interactions for Feesh's feet

Mouse Interactions

Moving the mouse over Feesh's body will pet it, while moving the mouse back and forth over Feesh's feet will tickle them.

The user may also poke Feesh's feet by double clicking them.

It is not possible to hit Feesh, nor do any of the mouse interactions have any impact on Feesh's view of the user.


Name Description
Sweedeesh Feesh Shell The default shell. Feesh with a gray coloring, with a blue and a red stripe.
Sweedeesh Feesh Candy Shell Feesh with red coloring in place of its usual gray. The text “SWEEDEESH” is printed down the side of its body.