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Type Ghost
Developer(s) SmokyCinnamonroll1)
Origin Original Character
Sakura Tadora
Kero Buterbrod
Language(s) English, беларуская
Release date December 25th, 2021

Tadora is a ghost by SmokyCinnamonroll. She and her cat are an original character ghost, which aims to be a language learning utility. Her main feature is her custom lesson system, which allows anyone to create lessons for any language, in a similar fashion to Duolingo.

She comes with some example lessons in Belarusian, as well as having minigames in Belarusian.


  • Customizable language lessons, which anyone can create for any language by following the correct format
  • Minigames in belarusian
  • If the two characters overlap, they will stick to each other and can be dragged around together
    • This can be cancelled by double clicking Buterbrod, and clicking the “Un-sticky” button
  • If Tadora overlaps Obsidian from Dusty and Obsidian, she will pick up Obsidian, who will then sit on her head for a while
  • Customizable pronouns for the user
  • No idle dialogue, other than top of the hour notifications

Language lessons

To add an existing lesson to Tadora, the user may drag and drop that lesson's .txt file on Tadora, and she will add it to her list of lessons.

To create a lesson, the user may follow the documentation on SmokyCinnamonroll's website.

The user is able to choose which language their lesson is for, and add words and sentences for Tadora to test the user with.

In particular, the following options are available:

  • Sentence translation - The user is provided with a word or sentence and asked to translate it into the target language
  • Matching - The user is given several words in the target language, as well as their translations, and must find the pairs
  • Find the word - The user is given a word, and must pick the correct translation from multiple options

Tadora can assist with some parts of lesson creation, including creating new language files, deleting language files, and renaming language files. These options must be toggled on in the config menu.


Tadora has a small selection of minigames available, all in Belarusian.

  • hangman
    • Tadora will pick a random word, and the user must guess it letter by letter
  • word search
    • Tadora will display a grid of Belarusian letters, and provide several words in English. The user must find the Belarusian translation of those words in the grid
    • To select a word, the user must click on the starting letter, then click on the ending letter. Tadora will tell them if they have guessed the word correctly
  • word scramble
    • Tadora will pick a random word in Belarusian, scramble the letters, and the user must figure out which word it is and write the unscrambled version


Tadora makes use of the Galaxy (Tarantula Nebula) balloon from the Galaxy Balloon Pack, if the user has the balloon installed.

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