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Type Ghost
Developer(s) Vita
Origin Genshin Impact
Sakura Tartaglia
Language(s) English
Release date April 24th, 2021

Tartaglia is a ghost of the character of the same name from Genshin Impact, created by Vita. He is sitting atop a Large Hydro Slime.

He features dialogue from his voice-overs in game.

Table of Contents


  • Idle dialogue from his voice-overs in game
  • Punch Tartaglia's face. On the first time double clicking his face, the user will be asked to confirm if punching him was their intention.
  • Poke the slime
  • Pet Tartaglia's hair/face
  • Pet the slime
  • If the user doesn't choose a name, Tartaglia will call them “Comrade” by default


Tartaglia comes bundled with Tartaglia Balloon, a balloon featuring a starry design with a decorative border on the top.