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Type Ghost
Developer(s) SarahCake
Origin Undertale
Language(s) English
Sakura Toriel
Release date April 14th, 2018

Toriel_sc is a ghost by SarahCake, of Toriel from Undertale. She has several interactions, which change what dialogues are available.

The user is able to reset her at any time, but if they have treated Toriel unkindly, this will carry over and will change what dialogue is available.


  • Several interactions through the menu, including giving items and various actions, and an option to cheer the user up
  • Will nag the user about going to bed when it is late1)
  • Idle dialogues change based on the user's interactions with Toriel
  • The user can check their stats to see what items they have given and what actions they have taken
  • The user may ask Toriel for a story, and she will tell them 1 of 3 stories, the details of which change slightly each time
  • If Multiverse Sans is open, she may notice him at random and exchange jokes with him


Toriel makes use of the Z - Undertale balloon by Zarla.

There is an option in the configuration menu to toggle this off, but it is not functional