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Xander's Refuge

Xander's Refuge
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Zichqec
Origin Original character
Sakura Xaeyar
Language(s) English
Release date August 31st, 2023

Xander's Refuge is a ghost by Zichqec of an original character named Xander, also called Xaeyar. The ghost was made during the month of August, for “Aughost”, and was made using the prompt “a ghost of an ancient deity that always seems tired, and is looking for a safe place to hide”.

The ghost is of a tired and somewhat irritable character, who is apparently the god of luck, who is currently hiding from the other gods in his world. He will talk about the other gods, his followers, and various other subjects usually related to how he percieves mortals. He will treat the user as though they are also in hiding from something, though what is unspecified.

The ghost is extremely straightforward, featuring few mechanics, and instead placing an emphasis on having many idle dialogues and some idle animations. There is a small amount of story text that can be accessed by asking questions in the ghost's menu.


  • Around 100 idle dialogues.
  • Idle animation of smoke coming from his cigarette.
  • He will change poses randomly when idle, and has a chance to smoke at random.
  • The names of 16 other gods appear as anchors, and may be clicked to learn more information about them.
  • A bit of story text that is given by asking questions in the menu.
  • A few additional dialogues are unlocked after the ghost has been booted a few times.
  • Will respond to being poked by Needle.

Story content

While not the focus of the ghost, there is some story content that can be unlocked. The first time the user clicks on a god's name, Xander will be surprised that they don't already know of the gods. His reaction will change depending on if the name the user clicked was his, and also, their response to the initial first boot dialogue (in which they can probe to ask who “Xaeyar” is, or simply leave it be).

Before this point, asking Xander what he is doing in a cave will prompt him to simply tell the user that it isn't any of their business. After this point, he will answer the question.

Once the answer has been viewed in full, it will appear grayed out in the menu until the user has fulfilled the requirements to ask the next question. The one exception to this is after the first question, if Dueyar is not yet unlocked, the user will be able to ask about her directly through the menu, progressing them on to the second question. If Dueyar has already been asked about, this option will not appear, and it will go directly to the second question.

There are four story questions in total, plus the two temporary options that disappear once the relevant information is known.

Click to reveal the full list of questions and their unlock requirements.

Once the final story question has been viewed, it will loop around to the beginning again, allowing the user to run through the four story questions as much as they like.


Xander's Refuge comes bundled with the balloon Flip of a Coin, a balloon that matches Xander's color scheme and has an online marker that shows a coin being flipped.