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Ukagaka Dream Team

The Ukagaka Dream Team is a community of Ukagaka enthusiasts founded by Excel Lynt in 2018. We seek to make ukagaka content easier to find for users, and development resources easier to find for developers. Most of what we do currently takes place on our Discord server, which is a place where users and developers can connect, and where developers can seek help or share their skills/knowledge to further ukagaka development. We also run some ukagaka-based events, such as ghost jams.

Our goal is to archive and share all English ukagaka content, not just that made within our own community, so you will also find content by developers outside our community listed here.1)

We also welcome creations in other languages, if the author of that creation shares it with us.

Where to find us

Special thanks

  • Heartstitched, for drawing our icon. Please don't use the icon without permission!
  • Zdzisiu, for customizing the Tag plugin we use and adding a nice searchbox to it, and for fixing an issue in the Include plugin so we can display Birthdays on the front page!
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