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Term Description
AYA A ghost programming language popular in English ghosts. It has ceased updating, but is succeeded by YAYA.
AYAYA A wiki with documentation for AYA/YAYA.
BTS Bug Tracking System - a bug tracking website for SSP.
Balloon The speech balloons that ghosts display text in.
Baseware A program that runs Ukagaka.
Calendar Skin A different look for SSP's inbuilt calendar.
CROW Character Requested Operation Ware - An old baseware for Windows.
Dressup Typically, addons for the shell which can be toggled by the user. This usually comes in the form of adding accessories or changing outfits, but may be used for other purposes as well.
Envelope A term originating in the English community, which can refer to AYA/YAYA's string interpolation (ex: %(something) ), or to lists of words/phrases that may be drawn from randomly.
Freeshell A shell released for other developers to use for free, to create their own ghosts with.
Free Materials A term sometimes used for freeshells that do not have a surfaces.txt file (art only, shell code must be added by the developer).
Ghost An alternative term for Ukagaka.
Interval Refers to the setting for when animations in shells should be activated, such as “random” or “always”. It is sometimes erroneously used to refer to animations on surfaces, or optional pieces of surfaces (such as different arm poses or expressions) that may be overlaid on the surface by calling them with Sakura Script tags.
Kawari (華和梨) A ghost programming language popular in Japanese ghosts, with a focus on its “entry” system for creating dialogues with complex variations.
Kero The sidekick character in a ghost, indicated with the index number 1.
Plugin An addon for SSP, which extends its functionality.
MAKOTO Additional processing done on the shell's side, which can alter scripts based on the shell. For example, to change which surfaces are called to different numbers. It can be considered a shell-side version of the OnTranslate event.
MATERIA The first baseware.
MAYUNA Shell coding that handles dressups specifically.
Middleware A layer of code between the SHIORI and the scripting portion of a ghost, to simplify the writing process.
Nanika (何か) An old term for Ukagaka.
nar Nanika ARchive - an archive file containing a ghost or other contribution that can be installed by dragging and dropping it onto a running ghost.
Nin'i-tan (任意たん) Nickname of Sakura Mikage, the default Ukagaka in the baseware Materia.
Nise-Haruna (偽春菜) Fake Haruna - An old term for Ukagaka, relating back to its origins as a parody of a program called Personaware (later renamed to Chararina), which had a character named Haruna.
SAORI Supplemental Archive Onto Restricted Intelligence - addon files for ghosts that can extend their functionality beyond their chosen programming language.
SHIORI (栞) A set of standards for how events should be sent to/from ghosts. Usually also refers to ghost programming languages, but not all languages have to be used for SHIORI.
SSP Sakura Script Player - A baseware for Windows, the standard in both the Japanese and English community.
SSTP Sakura Script Transfer Protocol - The network protocol for ukagaka (port number: 9801 (IANA listed)). A baseware has an SSTP server function. (Note: Not to be confused with Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol.)
Sakura The main character in a ghost, indicated with the index number 0. It is also the name of the default ghost of MATERIA, the first baseware.
Sakura Script A language of tags used in ghost scripts, to make various things happen, such as changing which character is talking, changing surfaces, etc.
Satolist (さとりすと) An IDE for Satori that is popular in the Japanese community. It also has functions to make a shell easier.
Satori (里々) A simple ghost programming language that is popular with Japanese ghosts.
SERIKO The coding language used to create shells.
Shell The visual portion of a ghost, including the art and the code that determines how it displays/animates.
Supplement A file which contains additional data for a ghost, and can be dragged and dropped onto the ghost to install it.
Surface An image in a shell. It usually refers to different poses/expressions, but may also refer to any images in the shell generally, depending on the setup.
Tama (玉) A debugger for AYA/YAYA.
Ukadoc Documentation of ukagaka standards, including SHIORI events, Sakura Script, and much more. An English translation of some of the pages is also available.
Ukagaka (伺か) A specific type of desktop mascot. Typically a character or set of characters that say random things every couple of minutes.
Ukagaka Dream Team An English ghost community founded by Excel Lynt in 2018.
YAYA A ghost programming language popular in English ghosts. A continuation of the AYA language. May be used for things other than SHIORI.