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Tag List

This search box will allow you to search for pages that have combinations of tags. This has been specially developed for our wiki, so please let us know if you find any bugs! You can enter multiple tags, separated by commas or spaces. Remember that tags consisting of multiple words must have underscores instead of spaces.

You can also search for combinations of tags using the module below. Once you click the search button, it will take you back to the top of the page. It is a very long table, so it is hidden in a folded section.

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General Tags

These tags can apply to multiple kinds of contributions.



What SHIORI (ghost coding language) the contribution runs on.


What languages the contribution uses. Languages are written here as they are written in that language. So German-speaking ghosts are tagged with Deutsch, not German. Note that none of these tags are mutually exclusive. Ghosts that have the Translations_Included tag should also have the Translated tag by default. Ghosts with multilingual characters that do not provide different language options would not get the Translated tag, but would get tags for each of the languages they speak, as well as the Multilingual tag.




What year the contribution was released in. If the contribution had a private release in the Discord server before a public release, the private release date should be preferred.


Events that a contribution may have been a part of. All event submissions get the Event_Submission tag, as well as the tag for the specific event they were in, such as Ghost_Jam_2020. For events that have occured more than once, they will also have a general event tag, such as ghost_jam with no year appended. So a ghost that was a part of Ghost Jam 2020 would get the tags Event_Submission Ghost_Jam Ghost_Jam_2020.

Please note that only event submissions which were accepted by the event and are listed on its corresponding event page are valid to get these tags.

8/20 Hydrate Shell Jam

Ghost Jam

Other events


Miscellaneous notes about a contribution.



Broad categories that may apply to shells10) and ghosts. Multiple tags may apply if the contribution has more than one character and each character is in a different classification, or if a ghost has different shells which fit different classifications. These tags are used to search broadly, and every ghost should have at least 1.



What species the contribution is. May apply to shells15) and ghosts, and multiple tags may apply. Note that species tags are only listed if there are 3 or more ghosts/shells that would get the tag. New tags may also be added as needed.


Origin tags list what fandom a contribution came from, if any.

Original Content

Original works always use the Original Content tag.

Fandom Works

Contributions based on fandoms are tagged with that fandom, as well as an additional tag to signify if they are a canon character, an AU version of a character, or an OC. This enables readers to search by fandom, while also narrowing down their search to only include canon characters, or AU characters, or OCs.

  • Canon Characters come directly from the media in question. For example, sans from Undertale.
  • AU Characters are alternate versions of a character from the media in question. For example, Underfell Sans, from the Underfell AU of Undertale.
  • OC Characters are based in the world of the media in question, but have no canon character equivalent. For example, Zaiga, who is based in the world of Undertale but was created by naasalving.

There are tags for each of these types:

Contributions should be tagged both with the tag for their fandom, as well as a canon/AU/OC tag depending on which the character is. So Zaiga, who was mentioned above, gets both the Undertale and Fandom_OC tags.

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Ghost Specific Tags

Windows / Number of Characters

How many “characters” there are in a ghost is deceptively difficult to count, for many reasons. For this reason, we instead use “window” tags, which are the “things” that appear on the desktop. They may be characters, props, or anything else. In technical terms, these would be referred to as “scopes”.

Our tags here reflect the maximum number of windows that may be open in the ghost at one time. After 5 windows, the distinction becomes less meaningful, so anything with 5 or more gets lumped into the 5+ Windows tag.

Note that while this can often be used as a rough way to search for ghosts with a specific number of characters, there are many ghosts for which the number of characters does not match the number of windows, or they blur the line of what counts as a character at all.


Multiple Shells

Tags that make note of what sort of shells a ghost has available. All ghosts with more than one shell get the Multiple_Shells tag. The Bundled_Shells tag may be added if they have shells that come with the ghost when first installed or when updated, while External_Shells may be added if there are shells that can be downloaded separately.

If a ghost only has a single shell, it does not get any of these tags.



Balloon Specific Tags

Number of Characters Supported

Tags for how many characters the balloon supports by default. Note that this is based on how the files are set up; many balloons have distinct sakura and kero balloons, and some have additional characters added with files labeled p*def, with the * being the number of the character. So hunter and smoker supports 2 characters, despite having designs for 4 characters, but Minimal Neon supports 8 characters.

Since supporting more than 2 characters is rare, balloons that do are all tagged with 3+ Characters Supported.

Note that if the balloon has a sakura and kero definition, but they match each other exactly, they are considered to be 1 character.39)


Basic features to do with the look of a balloon.





These tags relate to how the balloon displays text, which may affect how readable it is.




Broad themes that balloons may fall into. Feel free to add more of these, just don't make them too specific.


Additional notes about a balloon.


Shell Specific Tags

Shell for...

Which ghost a shell goes with. This makes it possible to do tag searches when looking for shells for a specific ghost. Please note that this tag is only used for ghosts which have 5 or more external shells; to compare shells for ghosts that have fewer than this please check the shell table on their individual pages.

Shell By...

Tags that indicate whether the shell is by the developer of the ghost or not.


Custom Functions

Tags indicating what custom content a shell might have. Note that the Special_Dialogue tag is for shells which do not contain custom functions on their own, but the ghost itself has custom dialogue relating to them. For example, the way Hydrate comments on some shells when you switch to them.




Tags indicating what sort of look or style the shell might have. Feel free to add more of these, just don't make them too specific.



Wiki Maintenance

Wiki meta tags. These tags are for the purposes of maintaining and improving the wiki, and relate only to the articles themselves. These tags should always be listed last, and should be removed when no longer needed.

Catch all for any fictional language.
Ghosts that speak more than one language without it being a translation, such as a bilingual character with dialogues that are partially in English and partially in German.
Ghosts that have more than one language available to choose from, even if the other language versions have to be downloaded separately
Ghosts that have multiple languages to choose from built in and can switch between them
Two or more developers worked on this
This ghost contains sensitive content, which should be listed at the top of the contributions's article
This ghost contains spoiler content for some media, which should be listed at the top of the contributions's article
A contribution that is intended to be used as a template to create other contributions
The developer of this contribution is unknown
10) , 15)
If the shell is considered a Character and not a Design
A ghost that appears to be an animal
A ghost that is vaguely human-shaped, even if not actually human. Includes things like humans, vampires, anthros, human-shaped robots, etc.
A ghost that appears to be an inanimate object
A ghost that does not fit into any of the other classification categories
A ghost that will display a special message on your birthday
A ghost that can be 'booped', generally meaning it can be poked in the face in a friendly way
A ghost that comes bundled with a balloon that was created specifically for it
Also applicable for shells.
A ghost with unlockable content
A ghost that includes animations when the user is not interacting with it. This does not include basic blinking animations. Also applicable for shells.
Has playable minigames
A ghost with multiple modes, such as sleep mode, seasonal modes, etc
A ghost with multiple paths to take in its relationship/story, depending on the choices you make
A ghost with a music player built in
A ghost you can pet
A ghost that IS a pet, in the sense that you have a creature you must take care of
A ghost you can punch
A ghost with any sort of friendship/feelings stats
A ghost with built-in reminders
A ghost that has an option in the menu to reset them
A ghost with self-care features
A ghost with sound effects. Does not include ghosts that can play sound effects but don't have sounds bundled with them, such as music players.
A ghost with a backstory that the player can learn about
A ghost whose primary purpose is to act as a utility
A ghost with more than one shell
Shells that are included with the ghost. May or may not have their own separate downloads.
Shells that can be downloaded separately from the ghost, and as such, get their own pages on the wiki.
The ability to omit the kero balloon was not present in older versions of SSP
A balloon that has different looks when the direction is changed, such as a tail that points left or right towards the character
A balloon that does not change when its direction is changed
A balloon with left/right symmetry
Balloons that have more than the standard small and large size of balloon. Note that the sizes must be for a single design.
Balloons that have multiple designs as a part of a single character. For example, Charger's balloons in hunter and smoker.
A balloon that requires a non-default font. The font may or may not be bundled with the balloon.
A balloon which uses a default font, which may be easier to read
A balloon with a text area that is patterned, which may be harder to read
A balloon with a text area that is plain, which may be more readable
Balloons that were designed for a specific ghost
A balloon that was made for general use
For pages that cover packs of multiple individual balloons that may be downloaded together, such as Aurora.EXE Balloon Pack
The shell is made by the developer of the ghost. If the ghost has multiple developers, shells by any of the developers get this tag.
A shell made by anyone who was not involved with developing the ghost.
A ghost that comes with custom functions/dialogue bundled with it. ie: shells like FLUX or FLELE have, with custom dialogue
A shell that has MAKOTO
A ghost that does not contain custom functions, but the ghost has special dialogues about it
A shell where the character is dressed up as another character, or can be
Also applicable for ghosts.
A shell that includes animations when the user is not interacting with it. This does not include basic blinking animations. Also applicable for ghosts.
A shell with no shading
A shell with shading