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Welcome to the Ukagaka Dream Team Wiki!

A community-driven wiki dedicated to documenting English ukagaka and development resources. We currently maintain 777 pages and 4225 files.

Ukagaka, also known as ghosts, are a form of desktop toy that originate from Japan. They are entirely customizable, and you will find a diverse range of ghosts available on our ghost list. Want to make a ghost of your own? Check out the resources for developers to get started.

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Play with ghosts

New to Ukagaka and not sure where to start? Check out the beginner guide!

Looking for new ghosts, or information on your favorite ghosts? You can find them all on the ghost list.

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Develop ghosts

New to developing ghosts? You don't need anything fancy to start! Ghost code is generally written in plain text files, and can be edited easily. Check out the Resources page to find links to tutorials and other helpful resources.

Looking for a place to ask questions and get feedback as you work on your ghost? Join our community on Discord to meet fellow developers.

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Ghosts/etc. that were released on July 14th in previous years.

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