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Guide List

Below are a selection of guides, written by various members of the community. The top section includes guides that are hosted on the wiki itself. These are editable by anyone that can add useful information to them. It is recommended to check out the discussion pages for these guides in case there are other insights. You are welcome to add new guides that cover new topics, or cover them in a different way from the existing guides. To see the contributors to a particular guide and when it was last updated, check the revisions page.

The lower section lists guides hosted externally. These are typically written by one author, and are not subject to the wiki's style requirements. If you want to write a guide that nobody else can edit, you can publish it somewhere else (a personal site, social media post, pastebin, etc.), and have it linked here.

Guides for users

Guides for developers

External Guides

A listing of guides hosted outside of our wiki.

Guides for users

Guide Name Format Author Description Release date Notes
How to install a Ghost / Ukagaka Text Thelibrarbian How to install SSP, and install a ghost to it. November 13th, 2018
How to Install SSP Video Quonit How to install SSP. August 11th, 2018 Some parts of this are slightly outdated. Noteably, the SSP website shown is old.
How to use GHOST? Text Unknown A brief guide to installing SSP and installing ghosts, as well as some common issues/tips. Unknown, estimated around 2012
Setting up subfolders in your ghost list Text Zichqec How to set up subfolders for ghosts/etc., and other installation-related options. May 2nd, 2023 Has been updated since its initial release.
What is an Ukagaka/Ghost? (or FLELE) Video Zarla A general overview of what ghosts are. June 11th, 2021

Guides for developers


Guide Name Format Author Description Release date Notes
Convert from AYA to YAYA Text Zichqec How to convert a ghost written in AYA to YAYA. August 3rd, 2022
Implementing a Relationship System in Your Ghost\Ukagaka Text Okuajub A guide to setting up a relationship system in a ghost written in AYA/YAYA. January 1st, 2022
Loops and Arrays Text Zichqec What loops and arrays are and how to use them together in AYA/YAYA. March 26th, 2021
Run Envelopes Through Script Input Text Zichqec How to get ghosts in YAYA to be able to use envelopes in script input. August 3rd, 2022
Upgrade Old Versions of YAYA Text Zichqec How to update YAYA to the latest version, with a clean YAYA as SHIORI library. August 3rd, 2022 Specifically aimed at ghosts built on the GT Ghost Template, but should work for other ghosts too.
What is AUTO_DATA_CONVERT Text Zichqec An explanation of YAYA's AUTO_DATA_CONVERT option. February 2nd, 2023 Has been updated since its initial release.
YAYA Fundamentals Text & companion ghost Zichqec An English guide to the YAYA programming language. Comes with a companion ghost to run example code. December 24th, 2022
Web Scraping using HTTP-Get and Regex Text Vita A guide to scraping data from websites in YAYA. September 28th, 2020 Has been updated since its initial release, with the last update being September 24th, 2023


Guide Name Format Author Description Release date Notes
Old Definition vs. New Definition Text Zichqec What the difference is between SERIKO's old definition and new definition. June 23rd, 2021 Released alongside the companion tool olddef2newdef.
Ping Pong Loops Text Zichqec A guide to creating continuous, randomized animations in SERIKO for situations where replace won't work. June 23rd, 2021
Guide Name Format Author Description Release date Notes
Creating SAORI-Basic Text Zichqec Explaining SAORI-Basic and how to make them. March 11th, 2021 Has been updated since its initial release.
Ghost Release Tips & Checklist Text Zichqec A checklist of things to do before releasing a ghost/etc., with reasons for why each item is important. June 18th, 2023 Has been updated since its initial release.
How to get your ghost to support Discord Rich Presence Text steve02081504 Setting up a ghost to use the Discord Rich Presence plugin. February 20th, 2022 Available in English, Chinese, and Japanese. Has been updated since its initial release.
Kawari no Kawari Text & companion ghost Okuajub A complete ghost walkthrough in the SHIORI Kawari. December 19th, 20231)
Negative Coordinates in Balloons Text Zichqec How and why to create balloons with negative coordinates, simplifying the balloon-making process. January 4th, 2022
Notepad++ tips to improve your ghost dev experience Text Zichqec Tips and tricks for using Notepad++ efficiently, and how to optimize it for ghost coding. September 24th, 2023 Made for Etc. Jam 2023
SAORI creation Text Levidre A guide covering how to make a SAORI in C++. March 18th, 2021
Template Walkthrough Text & companion ghost Zarla A walkthrough covering the full process of creating a basic ghost. November 25th, 2014 Last updated September 2022. Read more about it here.
伺か Advent Calendar 2021 12/17 Text steve02081504 How to integrate GitHub into Ukagaka development. December 13th, 2021 Available in English, Chinese, and Japanese. Has been updated since its initial release.

The following is a list of guides that are not within the scope that the wiki typically covers. They are not in English, and are usually written by members of the broader ukagaka community. They are gathered here because they are particularly useful or insightful, and may cover topics that no English guide currently does.

Guide Name (Translation underneath) Format Author Description Release date Notes
Run Sakura (first ghost) using SSP on Wine
Text Ponapalt A guide on installing SSP on Linux, with Mikage Sakura (the default ghost of Materia). October 12th, 2014
【Big sur,Catalina対応】MacでWineを使って伺かを動かす。
[Compatible with Big Sur, Catalina] Run Ukagaka using Wine on Mac
Text c-lege A guide on installing SSP on Mac, using Wine. May 30th, 2019
Kawari no Kawari didn't have a definitive “release”, but this is when a public link to it was added to Okuajub's website