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Discord Rich Presence

Discord Rich Presence
Type Plugin
Developer(s) CSaori Project, steve02081504
Language(s) English, 日本語
Release date Unknown Date

Discord Rich Presence is a plugin, which displays the user's current running ghost in their status on Discord. Ghost developers can customize what information their ghost displays in the user's Discord status; for example, a ghost with a music player may display the currently playing song.

User Information

The plugin's menu may be used to pick which ghost should be displayed in the user's Discord status, if the user has multiple open. A list of names will be displayed, and clicking on a name will select that ghost, as indicated by the small box to the left of the name changing to a tick mark.

Note that changing ghosts too often will cause the status to stop displaying for several minutes.

Developer Information

If a developer wishes to give their ghost custom information for the Discord status, there are several steps they must follow. This guide covers all of the information, in English, Japanese, and Chinese.

The developer must create a Discord Application for their ghost, and upload any icons they want to use to it as assets.

Next, the developer must give their ghost the OnDiscordPluginCustom and OnDiscordPluginCustomEnd events. These events are sent by NOTIFY, so they will not output any scripts. However, they can be used to tell the ghost that it should take control of the Discord status, and tell it when it no longer has control, respectively. The Discord plugin will provide a default status until the ghost tells it to do otherwise.

After this point, the developer may use the \![raiseplugin] command to control the Discord status. The following events are available:

  • OnDiscordPluginCustomAppid
  • OnDiscordPluginCustomDetail
  • OnDiscordPluginCustomState
  • OnDiscordPluginCustomLargeImageKey
  • OnDiscordPluginCustomLargeImageText
  • OnDiscordPluginCustomSmallImageKey
  • OnDiscordPluginCustomSmallImageText
  • OnDiscordPluginCustomALL

These events each control a different part of the Discord status. Note that the Appid must be set before anything else. But once the Appid is set, it should not be changed again unless necessary, as changing it more than a few times will cause the status to stop appearing for a while. By contrast, the developer may edit the other parameters many times, completely seamlessly.

Note that the ALL event can be used to change all parameters at once. Each one must be written as a separate reference, in this order: Appid, CustomDetail, CustomState, LargeImageKey, LargeImageText, SmallImageKey, SmallImageText.

The following details may be changed, via their respective event or the ALL event:

  • Appid - The ID of the Discord Application to connect to
  • CustomDetail - The first line of customizable text
  • CustomState - The second line of customizable text
  • LargeImageKey - The name of the asset to display as the large icon
  • LargeImageText - Text to display when the large icon is hovered over
  • SmallImageKey - The name of the asset to display as the small icon in the corner
  • SmallImageText - Text to display when the small icon is hovered over

Note that any of these details may be cleared by sending their event (or the appropriate reference in the ALL event) with a single space as the reference.

Download may not point to the latest version as this plugin shares a repository with other projects