March 10th, 2024: The style guide has had an overhaul to make it easier to understand! Please check what's changed, and chime in with feedback so that our wiki can continue to improve.

Maintenance hub

Here you can find tools and information about how you can help contribute to the wiki. If you have questions, please do ask a moderator on the Discord server. If you don't use Discord, you might try sending an ask on our Tumblr blog instead.

If you contribute to our wiki, you're eligible for a special role on our Discord server! Let us know what username you signed up with and which edits you made.

Getting started

First, you should familiarize yourself with what sort of content and style we want on the wiki. Take a look around on the ghost list and balloon list, specifically pages that are completed and filled in with information. Look for ones that don't have any wiki meta tags on them.

You should also read through our style guide. Don't let this document intimidate you too much; your contributions don't have to be perfect! This guide is here so you aren't left to flounder on your own with no idea what style to write pages in. It also keeps our wiki consistent, making it much easier for viewers to find what they're looking for and have a pleasant reading experience. Remember also that pages can be improved over time, they're not set in stone once they're written.

Once you've got an idea of what we're looking for, you can test out DokuWiki syntax over on the playground. In the playground, you can mess around and test out editing. You could try out writing in a wiki style if you wanted someone else to look over it and give you feedback before you put it on one of the pages, too. Just keep in mind that the playground resets every 30 minutes, so your edits there will not stay.


The Style Guide has all the information you need about what gets a page on the wiki and how wiki pages should more or less be arranged.

The Syntax page covers all of DokuWiki's syntax, and it has links to all of our installed plugins at the bottom, where you can read about each plugin's particular syntax. Of particular note is the Folded plugin.

The Playground is a page where you can test out syntax and the wiki editing UI. You can mess up that page as much as you like; it will reset every 30 minutes.

The Banners page has all of the banners we use in wiki pages, including explanations for each, and copyable tags to paste them into pages.

Wiki editing guides

Finding things to work on

There are multiple ways to find places on the wiki that need improvement. If nothing here strikes your fancy, you're welcome to just browse and see if you find anything that could use some extra polish.

Wiki meta tags

First there are the wiki meta tags. If you want to narrow down your search to specific namespaces, you can use the tag search feature on the tag list.

For ease of access, here are the wiki meta tags for all categories. Click on one to see all pages with that tag.

These tags are for pages that need something added to them:

  • - Contribution is missing important images in the page body, or does not have enough images in its gallery.1)
  • - Contribution is not fully described on its page.
  • - Contribution has not been tagged or is missing tags.
  • - Contribution has had an update since this page was made, and additions/changes need to applied based on the new version.2)

These are for pages that need editing in some way:

  • - Page needs formatting applied with DokuWiki syntax. You can apply this if you've added information to a page but are not familiar enough with wiki syntax to add the formatting.
  • - Page needs the grammar/wording updated. You can apply this tag to pages if you are not fluent in English and still want to contribute, and want someone else to look over your contributions. This is not to shame, only to make our wiki more accessible for more people, and for those who have to read it through machine translators.
  • - Page does not follow the guidelines in the style guide and needs changes.

These aren't pages that need work, but they do have special notes attached:

  • - Download link for the contribution no longer works. A new download link should not be created unless you have permission from the original author. If you have a copy of the contribution, and the page is not very detailed, you may add more information about it for archival purposes.
  • - Pages with this tag have been deleted at the request of the contribution's author. They should not be recreated under any circumstances without contacting a moderator. Contact a moderator if you have questions.

Below is a handy table showing how many pages currently have the above tags, except the special note tags. This list updates automatically.


Wanted pages

Wanted pages are pages that are linked to, but do not exist. You can follow the backlinks to find out where each page was linked from and determine if it's one we need.

Note that pages which have been linked incorrectly, such as with a typo in the name, will also show up here. Do check the backlinks and ensure it's really a missing page and not just an incorrect link.

This list updates automatically.

# ID Links
1event:ghost_masquerade_55 : Show backlinks
2saori:bignum2 : Show backlinks
3saori:steam_api2 : Show backlinks
4ghost:taromati2_github_ver1 : Show backlinks
5dev:mothyonline1 : Show backlinks
6shiori:akari1 : Show backlinks

Orphaned pages

Orphaned pages are the opposite of Wanted pages. These pages exist, but are not linked to. The links to these pages may have been broken when a page moved, or something else has happened to them.

Take a look at these pages and see if you can figure out where they should be linked. If there is nowhere they should be linked, and it seems like the page should be deleted, ask a moderator. Note that pages which have been moved and now serve as redirects will show on this list. Those can be fixed by making the page link to itself, and hiding the link. Search for #REDIRECT to find a page with the correct formatting.

This list updates automatically. It does not include talk pages.

# ID

site_notice content_lists sidebar navigation welcome privacy

This is here so that these pages don't give a false positive! They don't need to be linked to anywhere else.

Todo list

This is a public todo list of miscellaneous tasks that need to be completed around the wiki, but aren't included in the above lists. Anyone is welcome to work on the items here or add new ones, just please remove them once they are completed. Discussion of the items and progress towards completion is welcome on the talk page.

  • Check all existing contributions to ensure they have the correct dev names listed, according to the new rules on the style guide
  • Add trivia sections to any contributions that have interesting trivia/easter eggs
  • Update headers on all pages to use sentence case instead of book case (“This is a header” vs “This is a Header”)
  • Update hat notes on all pages to be indented with the WRAP plugin
  • Ensure all pages have tags in alphabetical order (except wiki meta tags)

Wiki statistics

Count of pages

The below table is a count of pages for each contribution type on the wiki. Note that redlinks will not contribute to this count. Note also that this does not count guides that are hosted externally.

There's no real minimum amount, but 5 is a good rule of thumb
It is possible there is nothing new to be added, in which case someone can remove this tag once it has been checked over.