March 10th, 2024: The style guide has had an overhaul to make it easier to understand! Please check what's changed, and chime in with feedback so that our wiki can continue to improve.


In English

  • Ukadoc (Translated) - An English translation of Ukadoc, the official documentation for ghosts. Covers everything you need to create a ghost, balloon, etc. It also includes information on what SHIORI Events and SakuraScript tags are available and what they do. The only aspect of ghost making it does not cover is the specifics of the SHIORI you choose.
  • Template Walkthrough - Zarla's walkthrough for creating ghosts. Covers all of the basics for creating a ghost.
  • Kawari no Kawari - Okuajub's walkthrough for creating ghosts in Kawari. Covers all of the basics for creating a ghost.
  • Ukagaka Dream Team Discord Server - A Discord server for getting development help and feedback, talking with developers, connectingwith fans, or just hanging out and enjoying ghosts.
  • Glossary - A glossary of ukagaka-related terms, right here on this wiki.

In Japanese

  • AYA5 - Manual - The original manual for AYA, written by umeici.
  • AYAYA/03 YAYA Information Wiki - Official documentation for AYA and YAYA.
  • CROW-SSP Reference - Ukagaka documentation on CROW's website. Long since out of date, but may provide additional insight into older information.
  • Disc-2 - A now-defunct hub site that collects new ghosts, balloons, and general ghost activity. Still contains walkthroughs and advice.
  • UkaFeed - A feed of new and updated ukagaka. A successor to Disc-2's feed.
  • Freeshell Wiki - A wiki of freeshells; shells that are free for anyone to make a ghost with. Note that there are NSFW shells here, so care should be taken while browsing.
  • Ghost Captor Sakura - A feed of new ghosts and updated ghosts. Ghosts may be uploaded to this feed via the “Register on Ghost Capter Sakura” option in SSP's Ghost Explorer.
  • Ghost Specifications - Official Ukagaka specifications.
  • GHOST TOWN - A hub site for ghosts. Note that it also links to BALLOON TOWN, which is a hub for balloons.
  • SAORI COLLECTION - An old collection of SAORI. Many of these have disappeared over time.
  • 伺的なWiki ( - A wiki about ukagaka, including information about SHIORI, SAORI, events, and more.