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Simplicity Template

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Simplicity Template
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Zichqec
Origin Original Character
Sakura Simplicity
Kero Template
Language(s) English, Русский
Translator(s) SmokyCinnamonroll1)
Release date February 4th, 2023
Download (Русский)

Updates: Gallery images need updated to match the new shell

Simplicity Template is a template ghost created by Zichqec, with the stated philosophy that content is what matters most, and all other is secondary. To that end, the template features an extremely basic ghost setup, with only a simple menu, some common events, and a few quality of life functions.

Developers are encouraged to focus primarily on writing interesting dialogue, and to explore new options and break the mold.


  • Very few functions, giving the developer less to fill in and freedom to expand as they please
  • Some comments aimed at helping newer developers learn the basics of making ghosts, including prompts for areas that are easy to get stuck in
  • The user's name, birthday, and which pronouns to use are all based on the user settings in the baseware's preferences menu
  • A basic emergency mode setup so that errors will display in SSP's error log

Sakura menu

The sakura menu has a few basic options.

  • Talk to me - Prompts the ghost to say a random dialogue
  • Say that again - Repeats the last random dialogue
  • Change talk rate - Opens the talk rate menu
  • Nevermind - Closes the menu

Talk rate

The talk rate menu will display the current talk interval, and prompt the user to pick a new talk rate. The options are as follows:

  • Off
  • 30 seconds
  • 1 minute
  • 3 minutes
  • 5 minutes
  • 10 minutes

3 minutes is considered the default talk rate.

Kero menu

The kero menu only has a “Nevermind” option, which closes the menu. Anything further is left up to the developer.

Mouse interactions

Each character may be 'pet' by stroking the top portion of the surface.


The template comes with a few basic hotkeys.

  • F1 - Opens the ghost's readme.txt
  • T - Prompts the ghost to say a random dialogue
  • R - Repeats the last random dialogue

Other features

The template has a few quality of life features, which are optional and may be omitted if desired.

When installing a new ghost, the template will offer the user the ability to immediately switch to or call the ghost in question, without needing to go through the right click menu.

When creating a .nar file, the template will offer the user a clickable link, which will open the folder that the file was created in.


Simplicity Template does not come with a bundled balloon, but does have a companion balloon created for it, called Simplicity Balloon. The balloon matches the ghost template aesthetically, and serves as a template for creating new balloons.


Name Description
Default Shell The default shell. A shell with almost nothing in it, just a placeholder image for the sakura and kero.
External Shells
Simplicity Shell An alternate shell with more structure in it. Comes with all of the recommended expressions, as well as blinking animations, some talking animations, and a basic singing animation.