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Type Baseware
Developer(s) Ponapalt1)
Platform Windows
Release date 20022)

SSP (Sakura Script Player) is a baseware for running ukagaka. It is the only known desktop baseware with menus translated to English. It runs natively on Windows 98 or higher, including support for Windows 11. It is not cross platform, but can be run on other operating systems through the use of a program such as Wine.

SSP is actively maintained, and bugs can be reported on SSP's official bug tracker.


  • Can run many ghosts at once.
  • RSS/Headlines reader.
  • Can check the user's computer clock with SNTP, and correct it if it is inaccurate.
  • Can check the user's email.
  • Supports any number of translations, which the user can drag and drop onto a ghost to install.


Chinese / 中文

  • Made by steve02081504.
  • Translations for both traditional and simplified Chinese.
  • Supports SSP 2.5.

German / Deutsch

Korean / 한국어

  • Made by Chiri.
  • Supports SSP 2.4.

Russian / Русский

Ponapalt is the current maintainer of SSP, see the “about SSP” menu for more detailed credits
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