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GT Ghost Template

GT Ghost Template
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Zarla
Origin Original Characters
Language(s) English
Sakura Girl
Kero Triangle
Release date November 25th, 2014

GT Ghost Template is a ghost template by Zarla, consisting of two original characters, Girl and Triangle. They are the first English ghost template, and the first comprehensive resource for Ghosts that was written in English. They are a deliberately character-less ghost with an enormous amount of commentary in their files to help new ghost creators as they make their ghosts. They are intended to go along with Zarla's walkthrough site to help new Ghost developers. Every function in the ghost is carefully explained within the files themselves.

Girl and Triangle are available in both AYA5 and YAYA, though the AYA5 version is now deprecated. Additionally, each version is available with and without the extra commentary in the files. Each version is functionally the same, so which one is used is the developer's preference.


  • Girl and Triangle cover all basic features of a standard Ghost, including checking email, changing wallpapers, checking RSS feeds, emptying the recycling bin, and checking if the user has new email.
  • Girl and Triangle cannot update remotely like other ghosts, to prevent accidental data loss on the user's behalf. The template file is updated on occasion though as new things are learned. This is marked on the site.
  • They are designed to help newbies get used to ghost coding and how it works, and as such do not have very advanced features or menus. They don't have a relationship system, for example. It's assumed that a new user will need to get familiar with basic ghost coding first before moving onto advanced things.
  • They have dialogue for months and times of day, which can be removed if undesired.

Sakura menu

The sakura menu has some basic options.

  • Repeat last dialogue - Repeats the last random dialogue, only available if the ghost has said a dialogue this session
  • Say something - Makes the ghost say a random dialogue
  • Config Menu - Opens the config menu (described below)
  • Functions - Opens the function menu (described below)
  • Nevermind - Closes the menu

Additionally, it has a date and time display at the bottom.

Config menu

The config menu has options for the user's information, as well as some ghost behavior.

  • Your name - The name the ghost will refer to the user by
  • Your pronouns - The user can choose between he/him, she/her, and they/them, and the developer can use %(heshe), %(himher), %(hisher), and %(hesshes) to call the appropriate pronouns in dialogue
  • Your birthday - The user can set a date for their birthday, and the ghost will have a special message when booted on that date
  • Talk Rate - How often the ghost should say idle dialogue
  • Enable Uninstall? - Whether the uninstall option in the right click menu should be available to click or not

Function menu

  • Open Calendar - Opens SSP's built in calendar
  • Check Email - Starts an email check for all of the user's added accounts
  • Open SSP Preferences - Opens the SSP preferences window
  • Empty Recycle Bin - Uses the gomi.dll SAORI to empty the user's recycle bin
  • System Information - Uses the saori_cpuid.dll SAORI to gather information about the user's system and display it

Kero menu

The kero menu has 3 functions.

  • Update - start a network update
  • Bug report - lists information about where to contact the ghost's developer
  • Test variable - A function that the developer can put arbitrary code in, for test purposes

Mouse interactions

  • Hovering the mouse back and forth over the top of the ghost's head will 'pet' them
    • For Girl this is the top of her head, for Triangle this is his topmost point
  • Hovering the mouse back and forth over the faces of the characters will touch their faces
  • Double clicking on the ghost's face will punch the ghost


The GT Template comes with a few pre-defined hotkeys.

  • F1 will open the ghost's readme.txt
  • T will make the ghost say a random dialogue
  • R will make the ghost repeat its last random dialogue


The GT Ghost Template uses the Z - Simple balloon, a simple balloon that is itself a template.