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Tegra And Kadan

This page contains sensitive content. Please check the content warning at the top of the article and proceed with caution.

Tegra And Kadan
Type Ghost
Developer(s) unrestedjade
Origin Star Trek
Sakura Tegra
Kero Kadan
Language(s) English
Release date August 28th, 2022

Content warning: Ghost contains adult content, and content that may be upsetting. This includes discussions relating to sex/sexuality, violence and sexual assault, war, fantasy racism, misogyny, and queerphobia. The “Spa Day” shell also contains nonsexual doll-style nudity above the waist.

Tegra and Kadan are a ghost by unrestedjade, of two Star Trek OCs. The two have extensive amounts of dialogue, and backstory that can be unlocked by interacting kindly with them. They also feature some minigames, and multiple shell and dressup options.

In addition to this, there is the “Mirrorverse” alternate universe, which can be explored by changing to the Mirrorverse shell. In this mode, the two have completely separate dialogue pools and a separate relationship system.


  • 4 bundled shells, each with their own dressups
    • Each shell adds extra dialogue possibilities
    • The Mirrorverse shell acts as an alternate universe, and has its own completely separate pools of dialogue
  • Various menu interactions, including asking questions and giving items
  • Minigames that can be played with Tegra
    • Which minigame is available will be decided randomly when her menu is opened
  • Long dialogue chains about various topics
  • Either character may fall asleep sometimes, or both at once
  • The characters may sometimes ask the user questions in random dialogue, and different responses will affect the user's relationship with them by different amounts
    • These questions may be toggled off in the config menu via the Autonomous Interact option
    • Questions may also be prompted with the Ask me something option in their respective interaction menus
  • Some variable dialogues, including Tegra testing Kadan on various Ferengi vocabulary, and on the “Rules of Acquisition”


When in the Mirrorverse shell, the behavior of both characters changes significantly. The alternate universe they come from is much more harsh, and the two are not initially friendly towards the user. Mirrorverse Tegra may be won over by being kind to her, and will share a little more of her true feelings.

Neither character will be receptive towards mouse interactions when in the Mirrorverse shell. All interactions are neutral, except hitting Tegra, which will reduce her trust in the user.

Tegra's trust in the user may be improved through menu interactions. Certain actions will decrease her trust, and some vary depending on how she currently feels about the user. She will become more receptive to certain actions with higher amounts of trust.


  • Higher or Lower
    • Tegra will draw a card from a deck, and the user must guess if the next card she draws will be higher or lower than the current card
  • Tic Tac Toe
    • Tegra and the user take turns placing Xs and Os on a grid, and the first to make 3 in a row wins


Tegra and Kadan come bundled with the balloon FauxCARS Basic, a simple Star Trek themed balloon.

Click to reveal balloon images.


Name Description
Tegra and Kadan Default Shell The default shell. Tegra and Kadan in casual clothes. Each character comes with a small selection of dressups.
Tegra and Kadan Costume Party Shell Tegra and Kadan in Halloween costumes. Tegra has an optional veil dressup.
Tegra and Kadan Mirrorverse Shell Tegra and Kadan as they appear in Star Trek's mirrorverse, an alternate universe. This shell is treated as a separate mode, and will change all of the dialogue pools when used. Each character comes with a small selection of dressups.
Tegra and Kadan Spa Day Shell Tegra and Kadan in a spa. Shell containes doll-style nudity, though the characters are not visible below the torso. Each character comes with a small selection of dressups.