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ATM Machine

ATM Machine
Type Ghost
Developer(s) Zichqec
Origin Original character
Sakura ATM
Language(s) English
Release date April 9th, 2023

ATM Machine is a ghost by Zichqec of an ATM. It was originally created to work with the Wallet of Unyu plugin and interface with the related website, but was updated on April Fools' Day 2024, to add additional content.

The ghost treats the user as though they are a banking customer. Or, if they “log in”, they can access “maintenance mode” and will be treated as someone whose job it is to perform maintenance on the ATM. Maintenance mode is the ghost's primary mechanic, and unlocks 2 minigames. These minigames can be used to earn UNYU, which is a fake cryptocurrency managed by the Wallet of Unyu plugin.

The ghost will not work without the plugin, and will prompt the user to install it if they do not already have it.


  • Lets the user see their balance of UNYU in the main menu.
  • “Maintenance mode” which unlocks 2 minigames that the user can use to earn UNYU.
    • This mode also unlocks a hidden mechanic.
  • When using the bundled balloon, an option to switch between that balloon's color options.
  • Can receive 1 UNYU by clicking the button on this website.
  • Can be poked by Needle. This causes the user to lose 5 UNYU.

Wallet of Unyu functionality

The ghost's unique features will be locked off unless the user installs the Wallet of Unyu plugin. When the ghost is interacted with, it will prompt the user to install the plugin if they have not yet.

Once the plugin is installed, the ghost's menu is available. It will display the user's current balance of “UNYU” (a fake cryptocurrency that may be used by ghosts).

The option “Transaction history” will open the plugin's menu and display a list of the most recent transactions.

The option “Earn UNYU” will open the website associated with the ghost and plugin, where the user can click a button to receieve 1 UNYU. This website was the reason for the creation of the ghost. Originally, the website could be used with any ghost. But after security updates to SSP, it can now only send the event to a ghost that is coded specifically to receive it. Thus, ATM Machine was created to fulfill this purpose.

The website that ATM Machine links to is a fork of the original, which specifically targets ATM Machine. This is to ensure that it works even if the user has multiple ghosts booted.

Maintenance mode

Under the “Other” heading of the main menu, the user can click on “Employee login” to be taken to a “login” screen. An input box will be opened, prompting the user to put in a password. The user's “employee ID” will appear in the balloon as well, this being the full name they have set in the SSP preferences, with spaces removed.

Clicking the “Forgot password?” option will explain how the password is created, and open the SSP preferences for the user to review their information. The password is simply the user's name without spaces—the same one that is listed in the balloon as the “employee ID”—plus the year of the user's birthday as set in the SSP preferences. For example, a user with their full name set as Ukagaka Dream Team Wiki and their birthday set as 12/23/2022 would input the password UkagakaDreamTeamWiki2022.

Once the correct password has been entered, ATM Machine will enable maintenance mode. This unlocks a few additional options in the menu, under the “Maintenance” heading.

Clicking “Exit maintenance mode” will hide these additional options, and remove all effects associated with maintenance mode until the user logs in again.

Calibrate ATM

The “Calibrate ATM” option opens a simple math minigame. The user is given a problem such as 48 + X = 100, and will “calibrate” the ATM by solving for X.

Each correct answer earns 15 UNYU, which are given to the user upon ending the minigame by clicking “Leave calibration mode”.

Break into accounts

The “Break into accounts” option opens a PIN guessing minigame. In this game, the user types numbers on the keyboard (or erases numbers with backspace), and after 4 numbers are entered, ATM Machine will highlight or dim the numbers to hint at the correct PIN. PINs may be any 4 digit number (including with leading 0s), and duplicate numbers are possible.

  • Numbers that are highlighted/underlined are in the correct place within the pin.
  • Numbers that are normal/have no decoration are in the PIN, but not in the correct place.
  • Numbers that are dimmed/struck out are not in the PIN at all.

Whether the numbers are displayed with colors, underline/strikethrough, or both, can be toggled by the user. The user can click the “Help” option for an explanation of these mechanics, and a demonstration of the highlighting/dimming effect.

The user has 4 attempts total before they lose the game. Winning the game will award the user a random amount of UNYU between 200 and 15199, although there is also a 1/100 chance to win nothing at all.

Spoiler content

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ATM Machine uses the balloon Unyu Bank Notes, which was created for its v2.0.0 update. The balloon has a “money and Unyu themed” design.

When this balloon is used, ATM Machine has a special settings menu to toggle between the 6 color options.


Name Description
Default Shell The default shell. A blue wall-mounted ATM with Unyu designs.
Joypixels A shell made from modified clipart from Joypixels. The art for this shell used to be the default, and was replaced as a part of the v2.0.0 update.