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Underfell Sans

This page contains sensitive content. Please check the content warning at the top of the article and proceed with caution.

Underfell Sans
Type Ghost
Developer(s) ChangeSide
Origin Undertale (AU)
Language(s) English
Sakura Sans
Release date August 26th, 2018

Content warning: Extremely dark jokes, topics including: sex, pedophilia, children, babies, racism, cannibalism, and macabre.

Underfell Sans is a ghost by ChangeSide, of Sans from an Underfell AU. He is a moody skeleton that makes dark/edgy jokes, and has complex systems for his mood, feelings towards the user, and various unlockable options.


  • Mood system and feelings system
  • Toggleable animations
  • Minigames, where the user can earn G
  • Shop system, where the user can spend G
  • Variable backup system
  • Music player1)
  • Customizable pronouns
  • Dark humor, which can be filtered by topic
  • Customizable alarms
  • Toggleable color options for the menu text


All minigames can be used to earn G. The user can bet various amounts of G in Flip A Coin and Rock Paper Scissors. Winning the game will earn the user twice the G they bet, while losing will make them lose the amount of G they bet.

  • Flip A Coin
    • The user can pick heads or tails, then flip a coin to see if they won
  • Rock Paper Scissors
    • The user can pick from rock, paper, or scissors, then click Start to compare their throw to Sans's
  • Tic Tac Toe
    • The user and Sans can take turns picking spaces, with the goal of filling in 3 spaces in a row with their own symbol
  • Gold Digger
    • The user is presented with a field of boxes, and can click each one to see what's underneath. Some boxes give G, while others take G


The user can earn G to spend through minigames, and will also passively earn G slowly just by keeping Sans open.

The Sans' Shop tab contains an option to pay off Sans's tab, which will take the user to the developer's Ko-Fi and Patreon information. Ko-Fi and Patreon supporters are given special content and shoutouts in the ghost. This tab also has an option to buy snow.

The Undernet-buy tab has multiple items that the user can buy, which may be used at various times if they are in the inventory. This includes a red rose, painkillers, spicy mustard, and gross food.

Shell overhaul

Underfell Sans's shell was overhauled as a part of the 2.0 update, replacing the old one entirely. The old version is shown below.


Underfell Sans comes bundled with a custom balloon called underfell_cs, an Undertale themed balloon that uses the Comic Sans font.

Click to reveal balloon images.

The music player is currently bugged and many functions do not work.